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Feb 2008
06-Aug-2011 04:56:06
Feb 2008
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Thank you very much, Tox ^^
Our Clan Chat is ""W22 Fishing""
Just a reminder, anyone who hasn't collected timber, stone, or metal yet, should do so quickly! There is still time! We really need everyone's participation to push our Fishadel to T4! A few more ticks to T5 and we can check out the new emotes they've added for clans who have a theatre!
The emotes include Sword Fight, Dramatic Death, Punch, Cheer, Jump & Yell, Stir Cauldron, Raise Hand, and Make Speech, among others.
Tuesday at about noon GMT is when our citadel build tick is, so be sure to get your resources for this week collected. We have a lot to go! Our upkeep has been met!
As of right now, for our upgrade queue, we still require:
13607 Timber 9785 Stone 7788 metal to Tier 4 Stronghold
600 Timber 800 Stone 1200 metal to Tier 3 Battlefield
+ 17k Timber, 40k stone 5k metal for cosmetic upgrades (fountains, statues, etc)
Keep in mind that timber is still our Primary Goal!! And as our Citadel Build Tick approaches, ie on Monday night, our Charcoal and Ore should be 0.
~If just 33 more clanmembers reach their cap, we will achieve a T4 Citadel. We can do it!~

------------------Upcoming Events-----------------
Monday we have a Tzhaar Skilling Event at 6pm GMT, noon Central. Cook your sharks on sulfur vents, mine some gold, pwn some bots, or skill near the banker.
And on Friday, we have a Brimhaven Agility Arena Event 7-9 PM GMT, 1-3PM CST. Tag those pillars and claim the tickets!@
Feb 2008
25-Sep-2011 07:07:11
Bump! ^_^
Feb 2008
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Same here, Pi. School's making me busy! I'm out of the house for about 14 hours on weekdays plus about another three hours of studying/homework to do each night :O
Feb 2008
08-Oct-2011 03:47:52
Feb 2008
11-Oct-2011 04:48:23
If you haven't visited the Fishadel this week, please do so within the next 8 hours! The tick is soon and we've only had 19 clanmembers visit and we need 20 to apply our resources to upkeep/upgrades!@! :@
Thanks, everyone!@
Feb 2008
12-Oct-2011 01:53:18
Thanks, Pi! ^_^
Feb 2008
18-Oct-2011 14:50:42
Hey, Tykes! Long time no see! Welcome back :D
Feb 2008
22-Oct-2011 23:39:48
I'm just glad there was an event today :)
Welcome, new Members, and congratulations on your recent skilling achievements, Fishers!
Please visit the citadel! We need our --20 minimum-- visits to apply upgrades! Also, for about 15 minutes of resource collecting, you can get a bonus experience ring for any of the plots we have.
For example, after about 168 stone (about 100 clicks on the mining plot) I gather enough resources for the ring. It provides ~18k xp bonus at level 85. The smithing and woodcutting rings provide similar bonus experience and the firemaking ring provides approximately 40k.
Timber is the fastest way to cap and it happens to be our primary goal; or you can try your hand at mining, smithing, or firemaking to help us meet the other goals.
Please push us to the next tier! We need everyone's help!
Feb 2008
05-Nov-2011 01:34:39
Hi, Pretz!
Feb 2008
08-Nov-2011 02:08:43
Hope all is going well, Fishers! Congrats again to the winners!
Feb 2008
13-Nov-2011 06:42:02
Quick Fishadel update:
11 members have visited since this week's tick! We would like around 25!
1945 more Timber & 1728 more Stone needs to be collected for upkeep!
485 bars for Tier 4 Storehouse <-- we really want this! :O
1500 Timber, 700 Stone, 150 Bars for Tier 4 Woodcutter.
900 Timber, 900 Stone, 200 Bars for Tier 4 Kiln.

2 Days 32 Hours 48 Minutes until the tick!
Feb 2008
15-Nov-2011 02:24:24
Way to go on the name change list, Amc :]
Feb 2008
20-Nov-2011 06:55:21
I'd love to see a w22/w46 event sometime soon! Camaraderie just in time for the holidays :)
Feb 2008
25-Nov-2011 07:42:50
Feb 2008
26-Nov-2011 06:25:07
Don't forget to display clan pride when fishing! Have a vexillum planted nearby!
Also, help out in the citadel this weekend! We really need to push the next few weeks to reach Tier 5! I'm sure Pi can tell you the benefits at the next level!
Feb 2008
30-Nov-2011 00:25:57
*noms stolen goods*
Hi Pretz & Min! <3!<3!
Can't wait for cw!
Feb 2008
14-Dec-2011 00:19:45
Welcome to the guild, everyone!
Feb 2008
24-Dec-2011 17:34:43
*snipes JDB*
Happy Christmas!
Feb 2008
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Happy New Year, Fishers!

The Fishadel has only had 10 visitors this week and we need to reach 25 within the next 3 days! Pop in and skill a bit with your fellow Fishers!
Happy holidays!
Feb 2008
03-Jan-2012 00:50:16
The Fishadel needs help!
We need another 11 clan members within the next day to visit the citadel in order to apply any resources towards T5 and to prevent dilapidation!
It looks like we may lose an entire month's effort if we mess up this tick.
Feb 2008
12-Jan-2012 15:18:53
Congrats, Fish!
Ed! Perhaps try lobsters or tuna/swordies on Karamja. you can note fish by talking to a guy south of the volcano.
*snipes JDB*
Feb 2008
18-Jan-2012 01:02:44
Congratulations, Fishy, Baru, and P3tar!! Keep on fishing! You're all getting very close to the ends of your fish-filled journeys!
If you haven't yet, please visit the citadel and skill a bit! Every little contribution helps; your presence in the citadel each week helps us towards upgrades. Thank you everyone who has contributed each week. I know a few of you have been reaching caps every single week since the Clan Citadels were released. You guys rock! Keep up the good work and no slack!@
Feb 2008
28-Jan-2012 10:52:53
Bump!@ Have a great weekend, everybody!
Feb 2008
04-Feb-2012 22:31:06
Hey, everyone! Hope you're all well!
Just a quick Clan Fishadel update:
We still need 25 clan members to visit our Clan Citadel this week. There's about 4 days until the next build tick, but it's best that we get the member-count sooner rather than later! So far, 10 clan members have visited. Thank you to everyone who has contributed this week.
Our upkeep is pretty much done for this week; we only need about 800 timber to finish that up. This means that any more contributions will go straight to our big Tier 5 upgrade! However, we must have --25-- people clan members enter the citadel in order to apply our resources to this upgrade.
We're only 46k resources from two fancy new plots. These will be for training Summoning and Crafting. I know we all really want to save cash when it comes to training these two extremely expensive skills. We will also unlock the super spiffy Clan Theatre. The emotes sound spectacular!
The 10 people that have visited this week pretty much have all skilled to their caps!! The average resources collected this week by these 10 people are ~1500 each, out of the 1700 total. Way to go!
We are only 27 skilling caps away from Tier 5!@ We can do this, either this week or next week!! But we can only do it with your help! It would be fantastic if everyone pitched in!
Thanks for reading!
Feb 2008
06-Feb-2012 05:20:48
Feb 2008
06-Feb-2012 20:55:39
Feb 2008
08-Feb-2012 01:27:45
There's only a few hours left until our build tick and we still require FIVE more clan members to enter the citadel in order to apply our Resources to the big Tier 5 Upgrade!
Twenty of your best mates' work will be for naught without your help!
Feb 2008
10-Feb-2012 20:08:25
Happy Friday, everyone! Have a great weekend!
Feb 2008
12-Feb-2012 19:06:44
Feb 2008
13-Feb-2012 05:22:21
We still need about 8 members to visit the citadel this week! We could get Tier 5 this week if everyone pitches in!!
Feb 2008
14-Feb-2012 03:50:20
G000 Vivor!
Hyo & I should finish capping soon, too. I finished a cap on my newb and did a little over a thousand on Sirius.
In the meantime.. studystudystudystudystudy!
Happy fishing, everyone.
And Brad... No slack!@!
Feb 2008
15-Feb-2012 03:52:17
Congrats on reaching 100 pages on V12, Fishy Thread!@
Thanks for the update, Korky!
Feb 2008
19-Feb-2012 06:54:50
Wow! I can't believe how much we've got done this week! We need about a dozen more visitors and about 5k timber!
Have a good weekend everyone :]
Feb 2008
27-Feb-2012 07:33:08
Congrats, Ed!
Feb 2008
28-Feb-2012 16:04:05
Bump from page seven!
Feb 2008
04-Mar-2012 21:29:18
Congratulations on 97 Fishing!!
Feb 2008
06-Mar-2012 04:25:12
At least 3 more people are needed at the citadel!
We need clanmmembers to gather a little under 2k timber, about 1.5k stone, and some regular bars! Help us upgrade our storehouse to Tier 5 and increase our cap to 2k and upgrade our Summoning and Crafting plots to Tier 2!
Feb 2008
13-Mar-2012 02:48:17
Congratulations on 98 fishing!!@!
Feb 2008
16-Mar-2012 00:54:15
Exams are over! Time to get a few levels!
Feb 2008
01-Apr-2012 18:51:00
Pretzel Milonakis?!
Feb 2008
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A! Shilo!
What if we've been pronouncing Shilo incorrectly this whole time :p
Feb 2008
28-Apr-2012 00:33:28
It's Friday! You all made it to the weekend!
Feb 2008
29-Apr-2012 23:22:01
One hour and 40 minutes until our Fishing Event at Shilo Village!
Wear some nautical, piratical swag,
and of course, your Fishing cape or Clan cloak! ;)
Feb 2008
16-May-2012 18:48:00
Swordfish gloves + sc harpoon is better xp/hr than Shilo, including gathering time.. But that doesn't mean too much when there are other much faster methods like Barb or C2.
Feb 2008
20-May-2012 06:09:31
Thanks, Pretzel!
Hey, Nat! Welcome back! ^^
We operate as a Clan Chat now, rather than as a Friends Chat. You can join by typing in "W22 Fishing" into the guest clan chat. It's /// to chat as a guest in a Clan Chat. Once we add you officially (again :P) to the clan, you'll always be in our Clan Chat channel as long as you're online. It changes to // to chat once you've been added to the member list.
If you haven't checked out our citadel this week, please do so before Wednesday night's build tick! There's still over 2k bars worth of charcoal and ore ready to be smithed, so if you want some free smithing experience, jump on that quick!
I'd also like to remind you guys that you can earn spin tickets from collecting resources and skilling in the citadel. Good luck winning some of the monkey swag they made for this weekend!
Hope everyone's having a good weekend!
Good luck to all those people with exams coming up!
Feb 2008
11-Jun-2012 00:08:13
At 99, I earned about 20k and at 79, I earned 15k. Not bad for 13 minutes.
Feb 2008
16-Jun-2012 19:58:30
Welcome back, Muffin!
Feb 2008
04-Jul-2012 19:16:56
Okay!! So, you all know that all members get weekend access to the combat beta, right? Well, here's something you might not have known!
There are events!! and by completing four of the events, you actually get a cosmetic outfit for testing out the beta. Read more here:
Beta Event 6 - 8 July
Quick find code: 307-308-2-63847247
Quick find code: 307-308-0-63795119
If you can't read them, here are some key highlights of the threads:
“As you may know, beta testers who help us with specific play-throughs will become eligible to receive a unique beta tester outfit - 'The Mad Scientist'.”
“…to be sure of nabbing the Mad Scientist outfit you'll need to make sure you attend all 4 special weekends and carry out the feedback task at each.”
“This weekend the 'Castle Wars' session is the first of the qualifying weekends. So, to make sure you are set on the path to getting your Mad Scientist outfit you need to:
1. Log in during the time the beta testing is running for this weekend - that is any time on Saturday 7 July or Sunday 8 July.
2. Complete one full game of Castle Wars.”
This is really good opportunity to get some of our clan together and test that beta.. and pwn some nubs. I look forward to seeing you all this weekend!@
Feb 2008
16-Jul-2012 05:14:21
Any time during the weekend after 02:00 GMT Saturday (8pm central Friday) works.
Also!@! URGENT!@ The Fishadel is in danger!@!
Last build tick it dilapidated!@ We had all of the upkeep, but only 19 clan members visited. We absolutely need to meet upkeep or we'll be bumped back down to tier 4, and you all know how many weeks it took to get to T5 D: !!
We need tons of timber, stone, and regular bars!
Minions are very good too; it's preferable if you get 200 of those first!
Thanks, guys & girls ![]:
Feb 2008
21-Jul-2012 22:24:18
Feb 2008
29-Jul-2012 07:15:20
Don't forget!@! A little under a week from now,
Castle Wars event with W46 ATAT
Saturday 4th August.
8pm GMT+1 / 1pm PST / 3pm CST / 4pm EST
World 46
Feb 2008
04-Aug-2012 03:08:18
Alright, just another reminder that in approximately 18 hours' time, we have a Castle Wars event with the W46 ATAT on W46. Get your barrages and claws ready!@ :[]! (8pm gmt+1, 4pm est, 3pm central, 1pm pacific.. middle of the night Australia)
Also, if you haven't checked out the news on the front of the homepage, there's another one of those Beta Weekend Events. This weekend is Pest Control, so just play through at least one game and you'll unlock part of the Mad Scientist outfit if you did the other two weekends (Castle Wars and Duel Arena).
And last, but certainly not least, here's a quick Fishadel update. We still need an absolute ton of resources to make upkeep at this moment. We need about 1400 more timber, 1900 regular bars, and 1300 precious bars. We also only have 15 out of the 20 required visitors, so please stop by and contribute! It's greatly appreciated by your fellow clanmates, and the experience there is quite good.
There's going to be an update to clans, the Clan Avatar. It seems pretty awesome; it will boost experience rates for clanmembers who skill near it, so let's get to work on fixing up the citadel.
Feb 2008
04-Aug-2012 03:11:40
Here's the quote from the BTS August article about the Clan Avatar:
"Clan Avatar (members-only clan update)
While it’s great for clans to own and customise their own citadels, we’ve been thinking for a while that they need more presence when they are roaming around the normal game world. And boy, have the new clan avatars got presence! Built and fully customised by you and your clan, each avatar (which is almost like a clan pet) is a floating colossus of elemental forces, and can provide a series of boosts, buffs and protections to you and your clan mates. It’s probably the strongest reward to date for anyone involved with clans, and it certainly looks the part.
Each boost will need to be chosen by a clan member with the necessary permissions, and they influence combat, resource gathering and XP gain for any qualifying clan member who's in range of the avatar. To qualify, you'll need to collect resource items called anagogic orts, which can be obtained through citadel or surface skilling, as well as surface-world combat. The warden will also be able to kit out this odd-looking clan pet in 4 different styles for each of its 9 body slots. This means that you’ll have more reasons to hang about with your clan while adventuring on the surface world, getting rewards and looking cool while doing it.
To get going, you'll need to build a habitat for your clan avatar. These come in basic, medium and grand varieties, which house one, two and three avatars respectively. Here are the resource requirements, in case you want to stock up early:
Basic: 300 timber.
Medium: 1000 timber, 3000 ingots.
Grand: 3000 timber, 3000 ingots, 3000 rations."

As you can see, we can probably access the medium one. If everyone who sees this pitches in each week, we'll be able to get a Grand one since that only requires about a Tier 6 citadel, and our Fishadel is at Tier 5!@ :D
Feb 2008
04-Aug-2012 19:25:55
~90 minutes until our Castle Wars game!
Feb 2008
10-Aug-2012 05:49:22
We'll need about a 60% increase in visitors each week, which should be possible if everyone keeps each other motivated to visit the citadel. I know I see much more than 40 different people throughout the week in the chat :P
I'm hoping the experience boosts to skilling provided by the clan avatar will be good!
Good luck, Ed!@ I hear that one's a cake walk compared to III :P Good to see you, Pretz!@
Feb 2008
11-Aug-2012 03:50:28
G0, Bb!@
9 more visitors needed this week!
Feb 2008
12-Aug-2012 17:46:06
Wow, congrats!@ G0G0G0!@ Kill more st00f!@
Bump ^_^
Feb 2008
15-Aug-2012 08:04:43
Sorry you feel that way, Nought. I feel like skilling in the citadel's worth the effort each week, and its worth improves drastically with the more effort the individual and the clanmates put in. With fealty rank 3, there's a 45% boost to the xp you get when collecting resources. Mining and smithing xp rates are comparable to concentrated ores and goldsmith guants @ the edgeville furnace, respectively. The clan ring you get for collecting resources lasts about 20k xp in a skill in the 80s-90s, which off-sets potential xp waste from slacking at the dance floor.
I don't feel that the goals are unrealistic, either. Our clan is 170 members strong and to realistically keep a T6 citadel, only 15-20% of the members would need to participate each week. During the first 2 months of the citadel, we had about 120 members and were getting 30-40 visits per week.
Also, during that period, we had many more events that incorporated use of the citadel. We used the Keep for meetings, the dance floor for 99 parties, and we held a couple official clan resource gathering events each week to accommodate people with different schedules/timezones. Those events helped break up the grind since there was a solid group of 5-10 people collecting resources at the same time to chat with.
Looks like these Avatars are game changers for bossing; heard some friends talking about how it's impossible to boss now without your clan & its avatar..
I personally get irritated on tick day when I ask for someone just to take some time to visit the citadel for 30 seconds so we can reach the minimum visit count when 18 of 20 people have visited and I get absolutely zero response with a dozen members in the chat.
As long as my mates in the clan want to maintain and utilize the citadel as they depend on it for weekly mining, smithing, or crafting xp, & xp boosts, I feel responsible for keeping open, up, and running. I see resource gathering as helping 150+ of our closest friends get some free xps.
Feb 2008
25-Aug-2012 20:32:29
The point about avatars was made when there was speculation that avatars would be invaluable to bossing, in particular the heal over time and double familiar timer extension buffs. I'm not sure how much of an effect these buffs have had on group bossing as of late, however.
As to bossing events, I'll try and help you guys get more leader support. I would like to see at least ~monthly events like GWD , TDs, group barrows, or corp too.
There are, however, several factors that lead to success of events: how many people know of the event ahead of time, access to the content, access to suitable gear, etc. so keep that in mind.
Just shoot any admins+ ideas for events, post on this thread, post on the offsite forum, Facebook, or anything else we have and I'm sure we can all get something going.
I would like to see a return of regularly scheduled events ^^
Feb 2008
29-Aug-2012 01:55:52  Last edited on 29-Aug-2012 01:59:24 by Sirius
*super-glues silver LEGEND star to Fisher-Cape*
The door is always open, with a slightly fishy welcome mat before it :)
Thank you for your dedication and friendliness to the w22 fishing guild and all of its members. You've been consistently one of our most outstanding fishers; it's tough to see you go!
Feb 2008
29-Aug-2012 07:21:14
Quick citadel update:
We need ONE more visitor or the citadel will become dilapidated! 18 hours until the tick!
If more people contributed resources, that would be great too! We have like 4k precious ore already gathered, but we need to get ~3.5k more charcoal and then someone needs to make those into the precious bars. Free FM and Smithing xps!@ To collect the charcoal and make the precious bars, that would take about 4 people. Pitch in, everybody ^^
Feb 2008
31-Aug-2012 02:00:32
Feb 2008
02-Sep-2012 04:55:21
Feb 2008
04-Sep-2012 05:56:38
Yes, there is, but it's one of those top secret groups, and I don't know who runs it.
Feb 2008
10-Sep-2012 03:52:01
How does a Catherby, LRC, or Shilo fishing event on the 22 sound?
Feb 2008
11-Sep-2012 20:48:07
D: !!
Feb 2008
12-Sep-2012 18:47:35
Shilo Fishing Event
Saturday September 22, 2012
Time is looking like
8am pacific
10am central
4pm London
1am Sydney (23rd)
+/- 2 hours; post any preferred time here, and I'll shift the time a bit according to the majority
Bring your fishing capes, admiral pies, granite lobsters, fishing urns, and, of course, cheese.
This is a prime opportunity for rank-ups, I reckon. ;)
Feb 2008
15-Sep-2012 23:57:14
Feb 2008
18-Sep-2012 20:33:11
Congratulations, Klaske!@
Just to reiterate,
Shilo Village Fishing Event
This Saturday, September 22, 2012
8am pacific
10am central
4pm London
1am Sydney (23rd)
Spread the message in our clan chat!@
Feb 2008
21-Sep-2012 19:03:25
About 21 hours until our Shilo Fishing event!@!@
Be there or be square face!@ :[]!
Fatalwarning and BpalindromeB are going to Bandos GWD right after tomorrow's Shilo Fishing Event. If you'd like to attend, be sure to message either of them today or early tomorrow for more information.
Also!!@ Don't forget to visit the Fishadel and collect your resources!
As of right now, to meet Upkeep, we still need 10 visits and about
2.1k timber
1.5k stone
800 ores + 2k charcoal to be made into 2k metal bars
-- once we meet upkeep, timber is our priority. Don't forget to do 200 minions; those help tremendously!
After collecting your resources, talk to the Quartermaster in the Keep to collect a clan ring. Charge it at any of our skill plots to receive bonus xp in that skill.
If you've collected resources for more than three weeks in a row, remember to right click your clan cloak to claim the Fealty Reward experience.
Each week, use 300 anagogic orts on our Avatar to activate its xp boost. 3% boost for people on the same world or 6% if you're standing within 10 squares of the avatar, granted that an Admin+ has the avatar summoned.
Feb 2008
22-Sep-2012 15:43:23
About 15 minutes until our Shilo Village Fishing Event!
Feb 2008
23-Sep-2012 06:42:04  Last edited on 23-Sep-2012 06:46:43 by Sirius
I want to thank all of our new ranks for being absolutely awesome in every way; I want to thank them for their helpfulness, their friendship, and their dedication. I want to thank everyone who attended the Shilo Fishing Event today. It was just like old times. Jolly good fun. It was fantastic seeing those members who may not necessarily be as active nowadays.
Please join me now in congratulating our new Admins IronicMaiden, Amc 547, Ela, Kooleynestoe, and Solid Bonez. You guys and girls keep our guild running in tip-top shape.
And congratulations to our new Legends Edcopter, Fatalwarning, Fisher-Cape (NL9), Mike91444 (el Baino), Trouty, Tyron112, Shark R Fish (No Gp Left), and TheGreatbBob (GamingGeek93). *sticks on Gold Star stickers*
Thank you all for being part of our clan. May it endure another 5 years and many more after.
Oh, and that serious guy has a shiny tin-foil key now apparently. I guess he's kind of cool too. *hugs Pretz & clan*
Cheese and Admiral pies for everybody!@!!@
Feb 2008
23-Sep-2012 18:44:12
Amc was mining with me in LRC the other day; Kooley was active when promotion discussions began; Solid was on when I was packing to go on holiday the other week. Tyron's been with us for longer than I can remember, and I trust that he can help take part in leading the clan.
However you define active or not is irrelevant; these players deserved and have earned their ranks. If they are inactive now, I have full faith that when they return, they can step up to the plate and help organize events and keep the clan running.
Feb 2008
28-Sep-2012 08:22:03
Near 10% of our clan was promoted in one sweep. All of the new ranks have been online over the past few summer months as I have compiled the list.
I didn't think they were inactive -like permanently quit- but I don't play as often as most people, either, so when I do log on, maybe my view of who's active or not is skewed a bit.
If I've missed any people that are more active and are capable of leading, I am certain that they'll get their ranks soon.
If you have any names of other clan mates that deserve ranks and you find are highly active, pm any of the admins+.
Thanks for the discussion, N0ught.
Feb 2008
30-Sep-2012 04:50:19
Cheers, N0ught. I'll keep the chat lively when I'm on and make note of how frequently I see people.

Okay, three quick requests of my clanmates!
1. If you have any ideas, suggestions, times, etc. for clan events, please post them here! I want to get at least monthly, preferably bi-monthly+ events started, and I'd like to see what people want to do with fellow Fishers and when they can do it :P
2. If you're in the clan and have read this, please log-in and post! I need to accurately gauge how often people check this thread to make sure this is an appropriate avenue to begin the spread news and information.
3. If you've visited the Fishadel or have collected resources recently, post
A) when & about how often you visit our citadel
B) what you last collected
C) what you most prefer to collect
D) why you most want to collect that resource
-or if you haven't visited it, state why you haven't.
----Hopefully from this information I can figure out who knows about the Fishadel, which types of players benefit the most from its potential xp, when's the best time for people to visit during the week, and if there's a certain day when most people visit it so we can get official resource gathering events started.
Sorry if I'm asking too much at once, but I feel that it's best for the clan if we see exactly how each player views the clan as a resource for fun, games, skilling advice, chatting, etc. We'll start seeing more personally tailored activities soon.
Thanks, everyone :)
Feb 2008
06-Oct-2012 18:33:23
Yeah, I feel that too, N0ught. It seems like a lot of players would rather continue doing what they're doing in-game (like slaying or fletching) than attend an event. I've been thinking that's what happens when everyone has a bunch of different 99s so they feel like it's not worth the effort to get more xp in those 99s. Also, some players are actively going for a 99, so they don't want to take time away from that effort.
As a clan, we have to think of something everyone would be interested in doing, or something everyone finds fun or beneficial. Since our clan has gotten over 150 members, it's pretty big so we can't expect everyone to be close friends with everyone else and be willing to drop everything and go have fun with them.
Getting a good event for a majority of people is the tough part because, for instance, players A, B, and C might find Fish Flingers fun, but D, E, and F may absolutely hate it. Or someone might enjoy Flash Powder factory and another player has no idea how to play it, so they're discouraged to join in.
Takes a lot of coordination on the events planners and a bit of umph in the clan to get something going with high attendance.
Which is why, please please please don't just answer the third question about the citadel, but also the first! Which events do you guys want to see?
Feb 2008
06-Oct-2012 18:34:32
Abbreviated questions:
Okay, three quick requests of my clanmates!
1. If you have any ideas, suggestions, times, etc. for clan events, please post them here! I want to get at least monthly, preferably bi-monthly+ events started, and I'd like to see what people want to do with fellow Fishers and when they can do it :P
2. If you're in the clan and have read this, please log-in and post! I need to accurately gauge how often people check this thread to make sure this is an appropriate avenue to begin the spread news and information.
3. If you've visited the Fishadel or have collected resources recently, post
A) when & about how often you visit our citadel
B) what you last collected
C) what you most prefer to collect
D) why you most want to collect that resource
-or if you haven't visited it, state why you haven't.
Feb 2008
15-Oct-2012 07:19:29
Hermione! ... Hermione! ... Hermione! .. Hermione! Hermione!
Feb 2008
18-Oct-2012 02:58:59
Now is a good time to visit the citadel again, since I believe it has reset :P
Feb 2008
21-Oct-2012 23:10:54
Feb 2008
23-Oct-2012 22:10:36
About a day until the build tick! Please visit so we don't become dilapidated. We need about 5 visits and a bunch of timber.
Feb 2008
06-Nov-2012 23:12:28
Hey, Nite!
Hi, Elf!
Ahoy, Pretzel!
Feb 2008
11-Nov-2012 08:24:31
Korky!@ Long time no see!
Feb 2008
20-Nov-2012 23:58:43  Last edited on 22-Nov-2012 16:23:27 by Sirius
*give me a few hours and I'll return with an opinion*
I like skilling with the bar thing. Combat's okay, but it feels like sensory overload trying to keep track of abilities and lifepoints and prayer and potion drain and picking up drops.
Feb 2008
22-Nov-2012 16:22:11
Hey, Jim! Hope you've been well!
We're still here!
Feb 2008
23-Nov-2012 07:33:04
Please check this out, fellow fishers!
Quick find code: 154-155-853-64108296
Feb 2008
01-Dec-2012 03:45:19

Hope everyone has a good weekend :)
Feb 2008
04-Dec-2012 07:14:29
I was thinking December 22nd. All day!@ Switch from place to place at certain times**** Shilo for 2 hrs, LRC for a couple hrs, Catherby for a few hrs, etc. Cap it off with some minigames.

-last 22nd of 2012
-day after Mayan apocalypse
-few days before Christmas so no school
-Saturday so hopefully more people have the day off
Feb 2008
14-Dec-2012 23:51:59

W22. The Official Community Fishing world!@

Bam, joining W46 as the Community Agility world.

+2 for our player-ran guilds/teams.
Feb 2008
15-Dec-2012 05:21:50
Feb 2008
16-Dec-2012 10:04:26
Feb 2008
19-Dec-2012 19:22:25
1. The citadel still requires some resources (~2k stone atm) to meet this week's upkeep, so if you need mining experience or jus* want to pitch in, please visit the citadedel and mine some stone in the next ~3 hours. Resource gathering's a great way to spend time between sending out voyages from your port ;)

2. This Winter Weekend will be double FISHING and double slayer experience, according to last week's news post about double dungeon xp.

3. We're having a fishing event this Saturday, December 22. Please see Pretzel's post above if you'd like to host an event &amp; join in on the festivities.

&amp; Pretzel, I might end up having to do something on Saturday in the afternoon, so I'll probably host a fishing event in the ~10-12am central range. I'll edit this spot when I can get a definite time.
Feb 2008
21-Dec-2012 14:12:53
10am to 12pm central, fishing @ Shilo W22 :)
Feb 2008
22-Dec-2012 15:33:28
Less than 30 minutes until our Shilo event!
Feb 2008
23-Dec-2012 19:56:42
Fun events yesterday, everybody :)
Feb 2008
26-Dec-2012 11:43:14

Please visit the citadel today if you get the chance!

Happy boxing day!
Feb 2008
15-Jan-2013 02:02:03
Feb 2008
09-Feb-2013 22:49:03

Trying to get a fishing event together on 2/22/13. Discuss ideas &amp; suggestions on when and where to fish or any minigames to play on this thread or in the chat!!
Feb 2008
20-Feb-2013 00:58:14
We're having a fishing event in Shilo Village this Friday, 2/22/13, at 7pm central.

Hope anyone who reads this can attend! You don't have to be in the clan to enjoy some company while fishing in Shilo!

Bring your familiars, urns, feathers, and 99 capes!
Feb 2008
21-Feb-2013 09:12:45
Feb 2008
22-Feb-2013 10:11:03
Good to see you, Korky :)
Feb 2008
01-Mar-2013 06:28:52  Last edited on 01-Mar-2013 06:39:29 by Sirius
We are having a fishing event in Old School RS tomorrow March 1st (&lt;19 hours from this post) at 7pm central. We'll be fishing in Catherby! Old school W22, or W322... :P

On Saturday March 2nd, at 7pm central, we will be holding a Citadel resource gathering event.

We will also be having more events in the near future in RS07, such as skilling and questing toward Shilo Village Quest requirements. We will also have some main-game RS events lined up soon too!

Hope to see you all there!
Feb 2008
20-Mar-2013 09:17:30

Need only 1 more visit for the citadel. Tick is today!

Would anyone be interested in training agility in 07RS this weekend? &amp; another group resource gathering? ^^
Feb 2008
21-Mar-2013 07:59:25
Depends on who's attending, Korky! It's a definite NO for Brimhaven if the majority of people present are well below 40 agility, though - it's quite the frustrating, futile game without 40.. though the gnome pipe gets pretty bad.. X]

We'll see...!
Feb 2008
29-Mar-2013 19:53:35  Last edited on 29-Mar-2013 20:51:38 by Sirius
Be sure to
join our Friends Chat - W22 Fish -
to communicate with our OSRS players.

We're having a
citadel resource gathering
from 7-9pm central tomorrow, 3/30/13.

See you guys there!

I would also like to hold an
event in OSRS (07scape) next Friday
night 4/5/13.
The event would either be fishing or completing Shilo village quest pre-requisites.

Examples of potential events would be:
Fishing at Barbarian Village, Catherby, or Rasolo/Bax falls
Group agility at Gnome
Group questing: Jungle potion and Murder Mystery
Group crafting: Murder Mystery and flax picking/spinning.

Let me know here or pm me in-game. Also talk about it in the chat and refer others to this thread!

Thank you!
Feb 2008
31-Mar-2013 00:24:26
Please visit the Citadel this week and pitch in - if we do not meet upkeep, we will lose our Tier 5 and both of our avatars.

We were 3 people short last week even though enough people were online to save the citadel from dilapidation just a few hours before the tick.

Don't let your clan-mates down!
Feb 2008
22-Apr-2013 07:43:30
Yep. Sad state of affairs.

Feb 2008
28-Apr-2013 00:20:36
Feb 2008
06-May-2013 20:12:04
Quick find code: 154-155-120-62443528