Quest Items: Lost and Found

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Sep 2014
22-Jul-2009 05:45:46
Nice thread. I just have one little thing that I ask be added; the hand mirrors from the 'Mournings Ends Part 2 - Temple of Light' quest. I am looking for a way to get them back if they are destroyed or lost, I have yet to find out how though, even after checking the Crystal collector.
Dec 2009
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Unhopely One,
Meiyerditch Shortcut Key: Safalaan will give you another one who is located in the Myreque Hideout in Meiyerditch. Note: This key can be added to Steel Key Ring.
on page 3.
Jun 2014
23-Jul-2009 13:57:18
Awesome thread; thanks for all your hard work.
26-Jul-2009 08:01:09
Omg thanks sooooooo much!
26-Jul-2009 14:31:26
You might have said this but I think I missed it...How do you get back Glariel's Amulet?
27-Jul-2009 21:21:20
dak123458....just reset the light maze and itll generate new ones(said that when i destroyed mine cus cant bank them)
28-Jul-2009 02:28:01
What about level 3 exam completion certificate thing?!?
28-Jul-2009 02:31:29
from the dig site quest
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28-Jul-2009 08:09:19
Very impressive thread! Thanks so much for taking the time to put all this together :).
I've just made room for 20 more items, and that is without even trying too hard.
Thanks again.
Sep 2007
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