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Feedback, Discussion & Suggestions

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News Discussion

Community discussion sorted by news announcement topics
31794,708 23/07/14 00:12

Recent Game Updates

Discuss the latest content additions and changes to the game
436,7545,717,764 23/07/14 00:12

Future Game Updates

Discuss suspected and known future RS content
234,3603,415,207 23/07/14 00:13

Existing Game Content

Tell us how you would improve on something already in-game
123,0461,854,278 22/07/14 23:52

Ninja Team

Suggest and discuss Ninja-size game improvements.
2,55818,179 23/07/14 00:08


Discuss combat here
11,425163,006 23/07/14 00:11


Post all your feedback about bonds here.
2,29836,117 22/07/14 22:51

Solomon's General Store

Discussion and feedback of Solomon’s ingenious enterprise
8,38697,659 23/07/14 00:06

Treasure Hunter

Discussion and feedback for all aspects of the Treasure Hunter
1,33417,641 22/07/14 23:59

New Game Content - Suggestions

Tell us what you would like to see in-game
109,9921,193,146 22/07/14 23:59

Website and Forums

For feedback, discussion & issues relating to our website and forums.
8,462125,762 22/07/14 23:53

RuneScape Companion

Discuss everything to do with the RuneScape Companion web app!
2282,209 22/07/14 18:37

NIS Feedback and Discussion

This section is to provide feedback and discuss the NIS.
3,91422,941 22/07/14 05:12

World Event Feedback

Please use this forum to discuss the ongoing World Events!
4,04959,336 22/07/14 12:47

HTML5 Beta Feedback and Discussion

This section is to provide feedback and discuss the HTML5 Beta.
2,70818,680 22/07/14 19:56