Observatory Clue Scroll

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12-Mar-2013 16:43:20  Last edited on 12-Mar-2013 16:49:08 by Sam M
Think in the centre of the observatory, spin before you talk to me, equip a ruby amulet, mithril chain and green d'hide chaps.

A friend of mine did this, and I tried talking him through it. He went upstairs, went on all the spaces and it didn't work.

Next thing we know, he went downstairs, did the emote and Uri popped up.

So all you have to do is go up the stairs to the top of the observatory, then go downstairs and do the emote, and HOPEFULLY, it will work!

Sam M

EDIT - He did this in 07 RuneScape for the record.
Apr 2014
12-Mar-2013 16:53:27
Here's pic!

Feb 2015
24-Mar-2013 01:58:14
it not working wtf this clue scroll must be glitched..
Feb 2015
24-Mar-2013 01:58:39
Orwells said:
Here's pic!


^^ not working picture SMFH..
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