Broken clue making me angry!!!

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09-Mar-2013 20:27:07
So i have a clue that says Think under the lens in the Observatory. Twirl before you talk to me. Equip a mithril chain body, green dragonhide chaps and a ruby amulet. I did did the thinking emote under the lens of the telescope a million times wearing the 3 required items and Uri never shows up, did the observatory quest and had to lvl all my skills so i could wear the items which took up about 2 hours. I do clues all the time on EoC and now on 07 scape this bs happens. What am I doing wrong?
Apr 2014
10-Mar-2013 09:42:16
I have the EXACT same problem.
But the clue in 2007 doesn't say that,
It says this:
Think in the centre of the Observatory.
Spin before you talk to me.
Equip a Mithril chain body, green dragonhide chaps, and a ruby amulet.

Doesn't work at all.
Apr 2007
10-Mar-2013 15:01:35
Im having the same problem.
Feb 2015
11-Mar-2013 16:01:32
Got this clue earlier, same problem, I've tried literally everything, completed the Observatory quest and so on.
11-Mar-2013 17:25:13
Same problem also. Would be nice to find some sort of solution for this....
Apr 2014
12-Mar-2013 16:54:56
I "solved" it

link to pic:
(replace "***" with "***")

12-Mar-2013 17:39:20  Last edited on 12-Mar-2013 17:40:26 by Sam M
Just look at my thread. I explained it.

Quick find code: 21-22-489-64570153
26-Mar-2013 01:28:05
same them links dont work this clue is annoying me to the angry point of donno just fix it please
29-Mar-2013 16:32:37
I have the same problem this is very irritating fix it already!
01-Apr-2013 08:41:59
Guys i made it work im sorry i dont have a screen shot but do the emote think on the south west side of the mid floor not the top! ok hope i helped.
Quick find code: 21-22-677-64519432