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Mar 2014
03-Sep-2011 19:52:47
One of the FEW bad things about Runescape. I run a small can and its next to impossible to recruit members and have them stay for a week. Once the citadel is built, a clan can flourish but with out it...
Aug 2011
04-Sep-2011 06:12:58
The citadel is designed to destroy smaller clans in favour of creating gigantic ones. Once any clan makes it to their highest possible level, everyone stops working on the citadel anyways (especially since it takes SOO much clicking, and it seems rather pointless if you're just going to stay at the same level). And of course, to add to the annoyance you have probation stopping any new members from being able to help out with the upkeep of your clan citadel (which 90% of the time is the main reason they join in the first place).
Hmm, don't know where I'm going with this, but basically the citadel at the moment is life-or-death for all clans. And by making it extremely difficult for clans to even introduce new members into the citadel, they're just encouraging extremely large and popular clans to grow bigger and bigger...
Dec 2008
05-Sep-2011 14:01:07
If you have trouble having 5 people stay in your clan for a week. Then may be you should not have a clan? The citadel once created will continue to have the demand of at least 5 paying members to be possible to enter it.
07-Sep-2011 23:29:22
Wise John, Y'do realize how much workload 5 members would be carrying? My clan's a small clan, they enjoyed the citadel for awhile, but then they quit and it crumbled and decayed away. You wanna know why? They had to invest 4 hours to upkeep, each of them.
I say remove the upkeep thing.
08-Sep-2011 02:29:16
Yah I agree, the week probation takes the new person's excitement over the citadel and kinda squashes it. I'd like to see it go away
Mar 2014
14-Sep-2011 01:31:00
John its not that... we have 12 members but the problem is they always leave RIGHT before probation ends... i have 4 members not on probation but you need 5...
Dec 2008
23-Sep-2011 17:12:44
If they leave then find out why. Maybe your clan wasn't what they looked for? A clan has to do something together. Not just the citadel. That is a bonus, not the reason for being a clan.
06-Dec-2011 14:40:06
I'm just finishing up a probationary period with the clan I just joined, Clan Quest, and while I agree that the week of probation seems to be an unnecessary speed bump, I have to agree with Wise John that this is probably not your biggest problem, Sir Sheltton.
Just on average, anyone who chose your clan at random would likely find themselves joining a clan with an owner who has a much lower number of total levels than themselves, which I can't imagine as a big selling point. (Sorry, that's somewhat mean, but I am trying to help. :) ) As it is, you seem to have a good running start on making money and levels, particularly Woodcutting. Maybe you just need to give yourself some time in a clan owned by someone else, or run clanless, and see if you can't level up a bit. Not the easiest thing, but easier than grinding! :)
I'll also admit to some frustration at the whole need to have five persons just to clan and have a vex, which is a very powerful recruitment tool. Be sure that if you have a vex, clan page, etc, that you are up-front about who you are and what you do. That might help you recruit people who will actually stick it out for the duration.
Finally, I had to quit one clan that I was perfectly happy with otherwise, because their homeworld was an abyssmal lagfest for me, with a ping over 100. I did in fact part ways with them almost as my week was over, having been persuaded once to stick it out after 3 days or so. If you try to attract people based on their ability to coordinate in a home-world, again, this might help also.
I hope I don't seem as if I'm trying to be discouraging; I agree that the clan system could be improved, but you might just be making one or two small mistakes that make it that much more difficult to obtain the results you're looking for.
Good luck!
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