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Clan rank - job titles

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Mar 2008
15-Apr-2011 14:05:00
I've noticed in the admin panel theres an option to add in a job for each rank. This I love, however after I assign a job to my ranks, nothing reflects this job title. For example, I made 1 rank a member of the High Council. This does not show on the website, clan list, cc, vex, nothing. Only place it exists is in the drop down menu in the admin panel.
Will this be integrated into the websites clan list in the near future? I am really keep to use this for my clans ranking system, its a great idea.
Dec 2008
15-Apr-2011 15:32:53
Support! =D
Oct 2013
15-Apr-2011 15:34:31
You've just got a support!
17-Apr-2011 10:12:29
btw ikronkel how did you get your forum avatar to wear the shadow hood?
Jun 2005
17-Apr-2011 10:40:20
as a non admin, I did not know this existed, does it allow custom job titles? or is it predefined?

Either way, it seems pointless to have un-displayed, and useless.... so I support.

UndeadSapir: it's now possible to take forum imaged in dungeoneering:
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Aug 2011
17-Nov-2011 03:57:10
I remember them saying in a FAQ back in April that that was an oversight on their part, and they would look into changing it. Though that was all the way back in April, and it still hasn't been fixed (like several other things they said they would do). Really does need to be much more distinct...
29-Dec-2011 16:07:09
lots of support then everyone in my clan will know i'm a clan ninja
Nov 2009
30-Dec-2011 10:22:01
Yeh, just like when u get loyalty titles, it be fun if ur job title appeared next to name.
No point giving clan members funny titles such as Ninja, fresh meat, scape goat, troll and tank
if no one is gonna see it apart from the admins or afterwards when they go into the clan settings.
It just seems so pointless having it there
deff support
Ps; ima clan Ninja too :)
30-Dec-2011 22:17:55
Jan 2012
01-Jan-2012 19:26:11
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