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Player & PMod Events

Hi Guys.

Well here is something new and original. :D

Kindly planned and thought out by MrsWetlander and the support of the P-Mods.

Here in CM we are excited about this opportunity for both players and P-Mods to get together and have fun.

P-Mods and F-Mods are all very Community focused and this gives all of you the chance to get together in the events posted here.

Thanks to MrsWetlander for all her hard work and enjoy everyone! :)

Click here for Laurencio2's The Time Conversion Thread to ensure that you arrive at the events at the right time!

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We are RSO and we always have fun
If you want eventing, it can sure be done
The clan is oh so friendly, and filled with real nice folks
Always happy chatting, and telling silly jokes. ~ Bethuda ~

Party Details:

Date: 19th December
Day: Friday
Time: 2PM (GMT)
World: 71
Meeting spot: Outside Seers Village Bank

See Tues and Thursday posts for some bank skilling / portable gatherings updates !!

Hey folks, we often have ppl come to this thread, or our chat looking for help. And we are more than happy to !! However, if you have issues you need sorted out, you may also find your answers in this handy dandy new Support section of the forums, and you can post your questions here: Quick find code:103-104-4-6550820

* STAR and EVIL TREE Hunting called often in our * FRIEND CHAT * R§_Øutreach

Looking for an Old School group? Check this out !! :D ~ OSRS Community Gathering ~ Quick find code: 320-321-190-65377490


1.2 Intro and group challenges
1.3 Events lineup
1.4 Events lineup
1.5 About us
1.6 Chat rules
1.7 tbc
1.8 tbc
1.9 tbc
1.10 meeting times and procedures

2.3 Basics for playing Fist of Guthix

~`·.¸.·´~ Reaching out to the
, to þrovide Uni†y

~ Mrs ~
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Bank Skilling

Time: 9:30 pm GMT (Tuesday) / 5:30pm EST(Tuesday) / 8:30am AEST (Tuesday)
World: 71
Location: Catherby
Host(*): Myiu(Mummies)
note that Mums may be absent off and on, but check in the fc to see if anyone else took it over. :D


Portable Bank Skilling

Time: 9:30 pm GMT (Thursday) / 5:30pm EST(Thursday) / 8:30am AEST (Thursday)
World: 71
Location: Barbarian Assault
Host(*): Myiu(Mummies)
note that Mums may be absent off and on, but check in the fc to see if anyone else took it over. :D

•• FRIDAY ••

Party Details:

Date: 19th December
Day: Friday
Time: 2PM (GMT)
World: 71
Meeting spot: Outside Seers Village Bank

Barbarian Assault

Time: 8:00pm GMT | 3:00pm EST | 7:00am AEDT(Saturday)
World: 71
Location: Barbarian Outpost
Host(s): A Cake/ Crimsun Gard

Fist of Guthix

Time: 1:00am GMT(Saturday) | 8:00pm EST | 12:00pm AED*(Saturday)
World: 92
Location: Gamer's Grotto
Host: Chesss

Not sure how to play? Look on page 2, post 3 for some basic instruction for this fun mini game ! This is also posted at: Quick find code: 42-43-403-65437948


GDW Learning Event

Time: 8:00pm GMT | 3:00pm EST | 7:00am AED*(Sunday)
World: Meet on word 71
Location: Varrock East Bank
Host(s): Philip J Fry and Jamie OMG
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cont. for events


Trying to get this event revived again folks :D
Allied Friendly Stealing Creations Scramble

Are you up for a challenge on true teamwork??

Time: 3:00pm GMT | 10:00am EST | 2:00am(6th) AEDT
World: 71
Location: Gamer's Grotto
Host(s): Group call

We do this with a twist !! For the first part of the game, all skill and prepare as Player Kill is allowed, only for those willing, and only for a called
Scraaaamble !!

You must chat your team and find out what they need banked, then about half way thru, the host will call
Scramble !!
Those willing will start Pk.

.. those just skilling will keep banks supplied with runes, outfits, pots, food ( what ever the ones designated to pk say they will need banked ) Teamwork is the key here !! Come give it a try. This is great for those who wish to pk, or just skill for the team !!

•• SUNDAY ••

* P€s† Çon†røl (open to all solos and clans)~

Time: 8:00pm GMT | 3:00pm EST | 7:00am AEDT (Monday)

Host: Gazerun1, , Ecologic, Sir Moans ( note:Sir moans can't commit atm, but if possible will be here to help host.. this was originally his event for many yrs. We greatly appreciate Gaz taking over, and Sir Moans offering to help if he can again :D )

World : 71

Chat : Rs Outreach ( you do not have to be in chat to come and join in )

* note: you will catch boat to island at Port Sarim
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~`·.¸.·´~..We are here, reaching out to the community, to provide unity. We provide a friendly environment! No need to apply to join our Friend Chat
. All we ask is you read and follow rules, created for a friendly, comfy environment for most.

We would love to help you make your 99 special, or your event EVENTFUL. Chat with one of the Ranks in Rs Outreach. THEY LOVE TO PARTY AND EVENT!! Ask us how to do an event! We are here to help the eventing community ! We often do allied groupings as well.

The Friend Chat is
All are welcome. If you would like to post an event please do! * Please understand, we do all events WITHIN our chat, or talk to a rank for our group to come join in with yours if need be. Multi grouping adds to the fun and its always great to make new friends!

** # Public note: For respect of all, plz don't come to the chat and promote to another chat. We are happy to join in others events, each staying in their OWN Chat, or YOU IN OURS, if you let us know you have an event going on. You can feel free to come in and call an event of course. :D Just please.. its never friendly to pop into anyone's chat and ask them to leave to come join you.. us or any others. ;) Always chat one of the Leaders and sort it out if it is an event that will require all being in one chat for participation ok? :D This keeps things friendly.. Just assuming you can pop into someones / a groups chat, and ask them to move to another chat.. well lets face it, it is just downright rude and unacceptable to most. the goal is for everyone to meet new friends, have fun things to do.. and no drama right?

Happy gatherings folks!

* Mrs ~
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¸.•´¸.¤•*´¨) ¸.•*¨

Chat Specific Rules:

* No promoting other Clans / Chats ( out of respect )

* No merchantmen, ( friendly selling / buying is ok! )

* No BEGGING, or GOLD GAMES / games of chance ( approved organized competition w gift rewards is allowed )

* No LURES to Wildly / dangerous places

* No Pk of our own family / team, unless an organized event and kept fair

* No cheating with lootshare, derailing an event

* Keep chat, and names PG, family friendly, comfortable for the majority.. ( no cursing, abbreviations, or offensive names )

* No flaming, spamming, arguing in FC

* RESPECT OTHERS, in game as mates, no picking on anyones lifestyle choices or country. ( this also falls under the Racism rules the game has in place) You don't have to like everyone, but we do need to get along

* No gossiping, backstabbing, we are a team that provides a community service ( eventing.. group skilling.. skill n chatter ), we want folks to be team players. Human nature is that we won't always agree, but this should not disrupt the chat.

* HAVE FUN!! Yup, its a " rule ", lol ! ;)

¸.•´¸.¤•*´¨) ¸.•*¨
(¸.•´ (¸.• To air an issue out, use FC * Nice2chat *, for privacy. NO DISPUTING IN THE RSO FC. It disturbs others comfort, gets others involved. Please settle it away from RS_O FC, come back refreshed.

¸.•´¸.¤•*´¨ ¸.•*¨
(¸.•´ (¸.• Friendly Reminder: Plz, no religion or political chats. To keep it fair / no hurt feelings. DO NOT get into discussions / debates on such subjects ok? Keep it game related, and friendly. It is a game, meant to be relaxing and enjoyed by ALL GLOBALLY as ONE COMMUNITY!

note: mentions for W60 Pengies, Eviltreefind help FC ( we often visit / help these chats ), .... BAM, Light Arcana game help chat, Serenity Isle, VoV are allies. We are all friends and have no competition. :D

~ Mrs ~
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~ Mrs ~
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~•º°º•~ MEETINGS ~•º°º•~

Time: 7pm BST | 6pm GMT | 2pm USA-EDT | 4am A-NSW
Page / Post:


• Q and A
• Open Chat

We use standard Parliamentary Procedure for Meetings as best we can in a game, so our meetings are organized and successful:

•Chair call meeting to order
•Determine who will be taking minutes
•Chair address issues and/or news
•Anything anyone has to add
•Vote if needed
•Closing statements
•Post minutes on thread


~ Conflict ~

Got a problem with me?
Go solve it
Think im trippin?
Tie my shoes.
Cant stand me?
Sit down.
Cant face me?
Turn around .

~J 2 pwn U~

Wise words from an old RSO friend folks. Remember.. it is human nature to not always agree, but do you or should you cut ppl off just because of a difference of view? No. Does it mean that one is always right and one wrong? No. And sometimes we need to just agree to disagree, and not let it upset our day. :D

~ Mrs ~
Quick find code: 42-43-202-60719122