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17-Sep-2012 12:15:34
yes i am planning in November the 13th to do a event by fish mask the 1st item what all players didn't have a fair chance to get 1 when there price was low so i giving everyone 2 mind runes for coming and we are showing how unfair by a roit
we want the price for December by it's christmas to fall to 600k at the ge
event will be in falador at 11.30 am till when ever everyone get there prize [2 mind runes] why mind rules i dont think fish have much mind/brain
i want as many people to say kill the fish mask kill the fish mask
time to make runescape fair to all again add this event to the event page and lets have a good chance to all get rich this christmas this is when the light on us this is the day when all runescapers make a diffrence this is when us runescape players show the world what we want>.
i will do at 1 point a egg drop too as fish have lots of eggs
start at 11.30am
say kill the fish mask as much as you can
get 2 mind runes and maybe some eggs

at falador world 11 at 11.30am {uk time} on the Tuesday 13th November 2012

this is your day so come and have fun:)
17-Sep-2012 12:16:36
please add this event to the event page;):P
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17-Sep-2012 13:40:59  Last edited on 18-Sep-2012 03:50:21 by Herb King
17-Sep-2012 17:10:54
This sounds a fun event and a good way to get your opinion across, but I'm not sure I personally agree with your message. Runescape has never been completely fair- there has always been some level of luck. Just look at the people who happened to have half-wine when that became a rare, or people who picked up Phats and Crackers when they were worth less than an inventory of swordfish. A bit of luck in the game spices things up ;)
I won't be coming because I don't really agree with it, but I wish you the best of luck with your event and hope you have a good time :)
17-Sep-2012 21:17:27
Herb King ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in messages you don't need grammer or punctuation marks but yaa i wrote this down quick on the thread so sorry about that, :)
17-Sep-2012 21:25:18  Last edited on 17-Sep-2012 21:29:12 by Dmdtw
LordPaganini,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thank you but i have to desagree everyone could of got wine and drink half before that update
anyone can get p hats in 2001
anyone could get them in there year without any luck
it should not be down to luck
fish mask some players not even seen fish mask on there wheels since sof was made.
fish mask was the 1st thing where we did not have a chance to get without paying crazy high price
but ok thanks for the luck thank you;)
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18-Sep-2012 09:40:25
I can see what you are trying to say, but the Grand Exchange price of the fish mask is how much people are willing to buy them for, Jagex tends not to interfere (yes, they choose the starting price, which was quite low, around 100k if i remember, and yes they did have the whole climbing-boots fiasco) but other than that they don't change the exchange prices of things. That all depends on what people are willing to pay for them.
And why didn't everyone get a fair chance to get one when the price was low? I don't really understand? Is that to do with a fish mask not buying in the G.E. (in which case, you needed to pay for more than what it was worth, not Jagex's fault) or is it to do with the fact that f2P Players only get 1 spin? I can see why you would be annoyed if it was because of the f2p 1 spin thing, but Jagex would just say "If you want the bonuses of p2p players, then sign up, its only a few pounds a month!" or something like that...
Anyway, Good Luck with your event, I wish you all the best! ^_^
19-Sep-2012 00:28:59
Grim Raccoon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i don't think lots are willing to buy them for a high price if you fish mask got bad feedback in it's history so far by many players someone even told me don't know if this true that most people who buy them or got them are bots but like i said don't know if this true and no they started just over 600k at ge
no one understand why there was no fair chance not Jagex's fault well they could of done more to make more of a fair chance and yes free to play get a less chance but no guess that ok as members pay and yaa guess that true
thank you for the good luck:)
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19-Sep-2012 00:54:53
Heads up, a so-called 'riot' on an online game doesn't accomplish anything.
JMods ignore them, they go to the forums for genuine feedback. Spamming an area causes lag for legitimate players and could possibly get offenses against your own account.
Trying to manipulate prices is unwelcome as well. It's up to each player how much they want to give towards a discontinued or rare item.
20-Sep-2012 00:47:39
Seuss c,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, not true there been a couple what j mod's have seen and even get put right like when the wilderness got removed 1st time that was so bad j-mods gave in and it is genuine feedback just another way to tell jagex of a thing you desagree in
our aim is not to make lagg happen but to get our message across and to help to make runescape better:) try chancing you settings if lagg to bad but the mod's told me that they working on the lagging problems we all hope soooooo.;) you only get offenses against your own account when you brake a rule not by a friendy safe helpful riot

Trying to manipulate prices is unwelcome as well. they are manipulate we all find it unfair that why we having a say they should like us for what we think and it maybe a good thing we have a right to tell jagex if us players don't agree with something
It's up to each player how much they want to give towards a discontinued or rare item. so true we not happy about how noone had a chance when it was low and paying crazy prices for just 1 thing in runescape time for more fairness in price like you won't see a fish mask in the real world for a crazy price i must have a good point;)
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