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My Wiz In Me

Hey everyone, welcome to the Events Home and Guide! You may use this thread to discuss events with other players. You may also be interested in the events guide, which can be found on the first and second pages of this thread. :)

This guide has been established for players from all areas of the events community. Whether you're a dedicated eventeer or you're just stopping by to post a thread about your 99 party (and you luckily happened to stumble upon this thread), you will find a ton of useful information here. Guaranteed, or your money back! Oh wait, never mind, you never spent any money on this guide. I forgot, sorry. ;)

Not only has this guide been created for everyone in the events community, but this thread also contains some priceless contributions from many eventeers. Thanks to all of you for your tips and advice! If anyone would like to add anything at any time to this guide, please post your ideas here and we'll see what we can do to include them. :)

Finally, a huge "thank you" to Mod French for gathering the information for this guide! This wouldn't have been possible without his support.

So, what are you waiting for?! Grab a partyhat, some confetti, a piece of birthday cake (even if we're not celebrating a birthday) and your pet lion, if you're lucky enough to have one, and let's have some fun. :D

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Table of Contents

1.1 - Introduction
1.2 - Table of Contents
1.3 - What makes a good event?
1.4 - What makes a good event? (cont.)
1.5 - Basic Event Ideas
1.6 - Basic Event Ideas (cont.)
1.7 - Organizing An Events Group
1.8 - Organizing An Events Group (cont.)
1.9 - Locations and Activities
1.10 - Locations and Activities (cont.)

2.1 - Resources
2.2 - Resources (cont.)
2.3 - Tips & Hints
2.4 - Assorted Tips
2.5 - What is Not an Event
2.6 - Contributors
2.7 - Reserved
2.8 - Reserved
2.9 - Useful Threads
2.10 - Reserved

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What makes a good event?

What is a good event?

- Well thought out and organized, flows smoothly
- Appeals to all types of players, not just a select group
- People have a sense of accomplishment (ie. rewards from a minigame; leveling skills; help other players)

All of us will have our own opinion about what makes an event “successful”. Some events may have low number of people attending, but does this make it “unsuccessful”? Some of the most unique and enjoyable events have smaller crowds than some of the other events do - so perhaps the amount of people who attend does not mean that an event is “successful”!

Once you know what you are aiming to deliver as an event, you can make it successful by considering:

1) The type of event
2) Attendance
3) Timing
4) Location

1) The type of event

When planning an event, you'll want to think about:
- the type of event you want to host
- how the event will be conducted in-game
- who you expect to attend (who is your audience?)
- the date/time and location of the event (consider timezones when planning the time)
- how long your event will last for

2) Attendance

Consider how many people are needed to make the event possible. If you're doing an activity that requires a certain amount of people, make sure enough people can attend! Also think about the support that you may receive for your event. Will you be able to promote it through your clan/events team/clan chat?

3) Timing

It's important to schedule around other events in order to prevent clashes. DancingQueen has an amazing sticky at the top of this forum that makes planning events a breeze. Also, consider the timezones that may be able to attend and those that may not be able to make it.

4) Location

Do you need to recruit people for your event? Places like Lumbridge and Varrock (The Grand Exchange) are usually busy, so those places may be good starting points for your event.

***Special thanks to Amoraten for contributing these tips!***
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What makes a good event? (cont.)

• Planning
It's important to plan events out ahead of time. This includes both the date/details and the description of the event.

- Date/Details
In order to maximize attendance, make sure you post the details of your event at least one week prior to the event date, if possible. An example of a template is below:


Plan your event carefully! For example, you don't want to have an event on a world that tends to be full because it will be hard for players to get there.

- Description
The description explains what players will be doing at your event. Will there be a conga around RuneScape? Are there any items that players should bring? What is an overview of the event?

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Basic Event Ideas

Below is a list of possible events:

• Activities
- Castle Wars
- Stealing Creation
- Fishing Trawler
- Great Orb Project *Requires level 50 runecrafting
- Burthorpe Games Room
- Clan Wars

• Distractions & Diversions
- Penguins
- Shooting stars
- Evil trees

• Miscellaneous
- Conga
- POH Parties
- Hide & Seek
- 99 Parties

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Basic Event Ideas (cont.)

Reserved for future use :)

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My Wiz In Me

Organizing An Events Group

Event groups are pretty common here in the Events forum. There are a wide variety of teams that offer all kinds of events. For those of you who are not familiar with event groups, they are teams or mini communities that are dedicated to providing fun events.

Many players simply choose to participate in a team that has been established by another player, but some players wonder, "how can I organize a successful events team?" If this applies to you, then you may want to consider reading this portion of the guide. :)


First of all, it is important to think about what players look for in an events team. If you take this into consideration, more players are likely to be interested in your team. Of course, quality over quantity applies to events, too (meaning you don't need hundreds of players in order to host a fun event), but it's always nice to see that you're providing a lot of fun for a lot of players.

Something that you may want to consider is the creativity of your events. Think about what other event teams haven't done before. Think outside of the box. For example, Hide & Seek events are very common. Maybe you would like to host a game of Hide & Seek with a twist (such as holding it in the wilderness). Instead of an ordinary conga line, you could hold a conga line event with a bronze armor theme. There isn't a limit when it comes to the amount of possibilities for events, so be creative and make your team something unique and special!

Also, when organizing an events team, you may want to ask a few friends for their opinions. The more feedback you receive, the better your events group will end up being. Each player has their own idea of fun. If you ask others and implement some of their ideas, your team will probably appeal to more players.

You may want to come up with a catchy name for your team. If you come up with a creative name, more players may want to see what your group is all about.

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You could also choose to make your name apply to a general theme of your events group. If your team focuses on conga lines, maybe you'd like to call your team "The Snake Zone" or something unique that relates to the events that you will be hosting.

Now, you may worry about the first few events you host. You may be wondering, what kind of event would most players be interested in? When should it be held? What if nobody shows up? Well, there really isn't a reason why you should be concerned about this. Of course, it's a good idea to post a thread for your events organization here in the Events forum. After you do so, you could plan an event or two with some sample dates and times (at least a week or two in advance). You can ask for feedback from other players on your thread. For example, you could plan a Castle Wars event at 15:00 BST on Saturday, February 19th. Then, wait for players to post their timezones, what kinds of events they would like to attend, etc. You can take this feedback into consideration and easily change your event's details, as long as it is planned far in advance.

Here are some things that you could do, as the leader of your team, to improve your events:

- Briefly introduce the event when it begins
- Answer questions during the event
- If you see a quiet player, try to get to know them and start a conversation. Be friendly!
- Try to use some appropriate humor throughout the event
- As the event unfolds, be willing to accept opinions and feedback from other players
- Make sure you, as the leader of the team, have fun and encourage enthusiasm

In addition, there are several resources available to you that could help improve the quality of your events. See the "Resources" section of this guide (page 2, posts 1 and 2) for more information. :)

Again, creating an events team isn't for everyone. It's definitely alright if you'd rather participate in another player's team. All that matters is that you have fun. :D

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……..……¸,‹•*ˆ*•›,¸¸¸,‹•*ˆ ± Locations and Activities ± ˆ*•›,¸¸¸,‹•*ˆ*•›,¸…………..
When it comes to planning an event, location is a key factor that affects attendance. Any spot you choose will affect your event attendance and what you can do at the event.
If your event isn't restricted to a single group choose places that are commonly visited by players to get a lot of attenders. Below is a list of examples:
• Varrock Square
• Lumbridge Courtyard
• Falador Center
• Camelot
• Ardougne Market
• Edgeville Bank
• Draynor Village
There are many other locations that also make the list, but these are just a few of them. ;)
A common activity in events is a Conga Line. The unique thing about Conga Lines is that once people see one they tend to join, so you gain more players as you go along the route. The route you choose, like the location, will also affect how many attenders you have. These are some things you should keep in mind when planning your route:
• Dangerous areas
- You will most likely have a wide variety of players attend your event; therefore, keep in mind that some lower- leveled players might be attacked by aggressive NPCs. Try to avoid areas where players can be at risk. If it is necessary to go through a dangerous area, be sure to warn everyone before continuing on through there.
- An example of a dangerous area is White Wolf Mountain. While some wolves are not aggressive to higher-leveled players, however they are aggressive towards the lower-leveled. If possible, this is one area that is suggested you avoid.
• Popular areas
- Examples: The Grand Exchange, Varrock Square, Falador Center, Draynor
• Other tips
- Plan a route that will take you to hotspots in places, such as banks, skilling areas and POH portals. Not only will you attract more players, but you will have a longer route which will make the conga less repetitive.

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……..……¸,‹•*ˆ*•›,¸¸¸,‹•*ˆ ± Locations and Activities ± ˆ*•›,¸¸¸,‹•*ˆ*•›,¸…………..
If you want to spice up your event adding an Activity (formerly known as Mini-Games) will really help. Some popular activities are:
• Stealing Creation*
- Located in the Gamer's Grotto
- To get there, use a games necklace to the Gamers Grotto or go north west of Falador to the cave.
- No skill requirements
• Fishing Trawler*
- Located south of Ardougne
- To get there, run south from Ardougne or use a charter ship (from Camelot or any other charter location) to Port Khazard
- No skill requirement, money will help to buy supplies.
• Castle Wars*
- Located southwest of Ardougne
- To get there, use a ring of duelling (recommended) or run southwest from Ardougne
- No skill requirements, armor is recommended as this is Combat based.
• The Great Orb Project
- Located in the Runecrafting Guild (in the Wizards' Tower south of Draynor)
- To get there, use a glory to teleport to Draynor and run south, or use a Runecrafting Guild teleport (purchased with tokens at the Runecrafting Guild)
- 50 Runecrafting required
* = Members activities.
For more activities search the Official Runescape Wiki or other Runescape supporting fansites.
As you might have noticed some activities require skills, be sure to review what kind of players you will have attending and plan accordingly, you don't want players to be left out.
Thanks for reading and I hope this helped :).
¸,‹•*This article was based off of Mageguy445's submission in QFC: 42-43-213-61346201.
¸,‹•*Later this article was edited by Mimz (Programme) for this guide.

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