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Honestly, there are huge amounts of luring methods still very possible in runescape today.
Through the years, many lures have been patched, however so many more have taken place.
Billions of gp and great numbers of rares and valuables have been taken from people through laws - some involving bugs, some not.
People may argue that luring is simply an act, or an idea to outsmart people for rewards.
Others claim that lures are unfair, horrible tricks played on other players for the reason of greed.
As I've witnessed few lures in my many years of runescape :P yet I've seen many videos, I would still agree that luring is simply a smart 'technique' in order to cleverly trick people, though I have never lured myself.
Imho, in fact, I would probably say that people who fall for lures deserve to lose what they risk (unless bug abuse has taken place to cause them to lose their items).


Please tell me what you think about luring.
Post your ideas on:

• Whether you think luring should or shouldn't be against the rules.
• Have you ever lured OR been lured? (Post what you made/lost)
• As bad as luring may be, do you think it deserves to be a reportable offence?
Luring. Discuss.

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Not Poodle
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You need to remember there are young children that play this game. Children that may not understand that there are people that will use certain techniques to
take their items.
It isn't a question of people being dumb, some people can be caught off guard when it comes to how people approach them. It may be through other legitimate channels.
I've never been a victim, and the majority of methods are easily spotted, but I don't think it is fair to simply brand those that have been victims as dumb. But besides that, it just isn't nice - it doesn't help player interaction when you're suspicious of people trying to lure you, even if they're legitimate.
It just doesn't make for a very nice community when we start to see activities such as luring as 'ok'.
I think it should be bannable, however, it may be hard to prove and add quite a work load to Jagex's player services team. These people have no interest in being courteous to other people in an online mmo, and that is the wrong type of game to play if you're that sort of person.

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Luring. Discuss."
HAHAHA! That's funny.
I don't really think it should be against the rules because I think we ought to have as much freedom as is possible, but at the same time, SOMETHING needs to be done about it to maintain a tight community, as the community aspect of runescape adds a lot to the game. ('Course this opinion will look odd after reading my next thought, lol.)
As for myself, I'm such a non-social player that I never seem to be in the situation to BE lured. I'm usually either ignoring everyone or on a quick chat world. (I'm actually currently trying to get back into the social side of things.)
"You need to remember there are young children that play this game."
I totally agree with you on this point, but I just have to mention (in a vague sort of rant-y like thing) that a lot of people would scoff at this, saying that little kids ought not to be playing. Which offends me....

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Fair comments guys, however this game is 13+ and the community has grown much more mature as you can tell by Jagex releasing the profanity filter option.
Regardless of this, I agree that young children are actually very common in runescape but, as dumb as it sounds, getting lured for their items could teach them valuable lessons about trust.
But that's just my opinion.

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'Course, then again, it IS just a game.... (Dare I say it.) And, besides, if you get scammed, well heck, that's a life experience. Like you said, you'll learn something from it.
Angry James: Yeah, but if you're with a group of people who you know won't have a cow if you use profane words, then you have the option to do so. Say, in your clan or something, where there are hopefully not many goody-two-shoes who'll report you...

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Have I Been Lured: Yes
How Much Did You Loose: 8 Million GP
Should It Be Bannable: No
What Is Your Opinion On This Subject: I was lured a long time ago when luring first properly came into the game back in the Old Wildy, and we are talking before we had the wilderness ditch as well remember. If you had asked me back then, i would have been outraged at luring and demanded it shouldn't be allowed. However, my opinion has changed over time and partly because i was just a KID back then. It's true that you learn from mistakes. Back then it wasn't down to stupidity, it was more lack of knowledge (due to not having the wilderness wall). Nowadays, we have the wall and that alone should stop any lurers, except the tele-other method. Therefore, i now believe that it is down to stupidity only that you would get lured. Overall, i believe there is nothing wrong with outsmarting someone, so the answer would be, No it shouldn't be bannable and should remain how it is.

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