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20-Apr-2013 11:43:45
Im in the fc to do Warbands with everyone and follow the chat rules.
20-Apr-2013 13:18:30
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Hey Iceagle :)

I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you.

However, when the FC has reached maximum capacity, priority must be given to those players who are actively participating in Warbands or wish to do so. This means that players who are in the lobby will be removed from the chat as well as players who clearly aren't at Warbands.

Multiple notices are given to players in the FC that the FC is full and space is needed for those actively participating in Warbands.

For example:

A Warband is about to start in 1 minute in world 30. At this point, perhaps maybe 5 or 6 players in the FC aren't in world 30 and are on alternative worlds. We would then give a notice to the chat to make it clear that anyone not doing Warbands should leave.

After a few minutes, the Warband has started. Out of those 6 people who weren't on World 30 before it started, there are still 4 players on other worlds. This is a strong indication that, despite ample time, they have failed to join the Warband, or have no intention of doing so. It is at this point when those people would be removed to make space for others who wish to join in Warbands.

Hope that makes sense.

21-Apr-2013 02:28:01
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21-Apr-2013 03:20:44
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21-Apr-2013 10:08:01
Lover Gemeos,

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I would strongly advise you to read the Code of Conduct before you return.

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Hey guys, i'm here to suggest a new rule if you'll hear me out.

Warband PK have been on top since it was made, everyone knew this and so people who were only interested in looting joined our fc to leech, get their exp, and not contribute to helping out teammates and killing white dots.

Because of these leechers, for some reason, everyone in wbpk fc began to look for worlds instead of spying. Wbfc now spy on us for worlds, and while some may not realise it... It is the reason why warband fc are taking over us.

(The fc went downhill as soon as people in our fc started looking for worlds instead of spying, just as warband fc started to spy on us.... Do the Math.)

Since they are spying on us, we get to the camp first and begin looting. 50% of the people in our fc are there to loot and once they start looting will avoid PVP contact at all costs to they keep their exp. This is allowing wbfc anti to come in half way through looting and destroy us, since nobody wants to fight back and risk their loot... exactly like we used to do to them.

If we introduced the rule of No looking for worlds, spy only, we would get to the camp half way through their loot, reducing the number of people that are willing to engage in combat in their fc. Making it easy to clear the camp of white dots and loot for ourselves afterwards. Just like it used to be.

If you consider this rule and think about it, it really will solve our problem.
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To summarise:

-Wbpk full of leechers =

-Introducing my rule will force people to pk before looting
-We will be attacking wbfc when their forces are weakened.
-We will be able to loot their crates (gp), followed by our own (exp)
-We live up to the name Warband PK
Problem solved

EDIT: It's also a better rule than those previously mentioned such as.. ' kill people who loot before clearing white dots '
21-Apr-2013 21:45:10

I really do like your ideas, Warband FC is starting to pull out a good anti team against us. We need to fight back, but the problem is, we have too many looters. As you mentioned, during war time, we will accept no looters, they are loot after the war is over, there will be plenty of time.

War is very important to win, if we just run and hide and loot, they will continuously come back and kill us. We have to fight back win then we will be free to loot.

FC members should also look after each other, too many bystanders that just watch others die. The ranks will be more strict on the rules and get rid of everyone that does not follow.

We are Warband PK and we will take down anyone that goes against us~

General and owner of Warband PK
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