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Saradomin Whispers

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Oct 2013
07-Jan-2012 11:33:56
This is my first story
Many years ago a terrible war between the gods of Gielnor raged for centuries on. Many people today still speak of the legends of three mystic beings named: Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix
Some still worship them but to some adventurers they try to put it behind them.
In the local town of lumbridge it was the Duke's Birthday, king Roland and the locals were there
at his great banquet While the children played in the dungeon, everyone enjoyed thier meals together but one of the kids went upstairs so he wouldent be found in a game of hide and seek
but when he saw the cook crying the boy said to the cook whats wrong the cook explained how he dident have the ingredients to make the dukes cake so the boy offered to help...
Moments later...
The boy came back with all the ingredients and the cook gave him a piece of the cake the cook thanked him again and he walked upstairs and put the cake on the table, the boy was enjoyed after that monent and said he was going to adventure when he grows up.
15 Years later
This boy as he is know is named as lucas and sets out on his journey to vast places, battles challenging foes and even ventures into the wilderness.
As the boy was walking past the walls of falador a mystical glow surrounded him and he was teleported to the god wars dungeon saradomin asked lucas to join forces with him lucas was pleased with this offer as a spy to uncover what his brothers Zamorak and Guthix are doing
and saradomin granted lucas with eternal life and things stayed that way for many years...

So thats it How do you like my story? was it Exciting or dull please leave your feedback
20-Oct-2012 15:26:54
little did you know that your story will end up being an in game item
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