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Varrock Museum Kudos TasksThread is sticky

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Cadge Lewool
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Cadge Lewool

Hello everyone. As I looked through the Task Forum I realized that we did not actually have a Kudo guide! Therefore, it's only right that I should make one to handle those FAQs on how to even do this. In case you're wondering, getting 50 Kudos is an Easy Varrock Task and getting 153 Kudos is a Hard Varrock Task. The Tasks are known as "It Belongs in a Museum" and "Kudos on the Kudos!", respectively.

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Cadge Lewool
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Cadge Lewool

News 'n' stuff:

Thanks to Mod Moltare for pinning this thread. ^_^

If anyone finds any issues with the guide, please shoot me a post right in this thread and I'll address the issue as fast as I can.

5/3/11 - You can now get the Completionist Cape on the top floor of the museum.

8/4/11 - I'm now a hot topic! Thank you Emilee! :)

4/6/12 - I renamed the thread since it covers more than just hard tasks.

12/2/13 - 15 Kudos added to the museum after ages! Mr Mordaut has been added to the museum.

17/6/13 - You can chat to the Information Clerk in the Varrock Museum for prompts on what you can do to gain any remaining kudos.

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Cadge Lewool
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Cadge Lewool

Post 1 - Salutation
Post 2 - Important Updates/News/Etc
Post 3 - Table of Contents (You're reading it!)
Post 4 - Introduction to Kudos
Post 5 - History of Kudos
Post 6 - Kudos earned through Quests
Post 7 - Kudos earned through Cleaning Rocks
Post 8 - Kudos earned through Quizzes
Post 9 - Kudos earned through Dahmaroc
Post 10 - Other helpful threads for Tasks

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Cadge Lewool
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Cadge Lewool

Introduction to Kudos:

Kudos are obtained through a few means. The first and most obvious way to get them is by doing quests. At the time of this posting, there are seventeen quests that give Kudos. The total kudos you can get from Quests is 100 Kudos, but you only get 95 from Historian Minas. Ritual of the Mahjarrat has to be turned into Mr. Mordaut, explained below.

The second way to get kudos is unlocked on completion of the Dig Site Quest. You are then allowed to go into the roped off portion of the museum on the ground floor and you are given the ability to clean rocks. You can find five artifacts this way and each of these artifacts give 10 kudos. That gives a total of 50 Kudos.

The third way to get kudos is by going to the basement. In the basement are exhibits of lands and creatures from all over Gielinor. You are then able to take fourteen quizzes on the exhibits and get 2 Kudos each. You can get up to 28 Kudos this way.

The fourth way of getting Kudos is by completing the Dahmaroc Statue for the first time. This gives you 10 Kudos.

The fifth way and most recent way to get Kudos is to talk to Mr. Mordaut about the Dragonkin. He's located in the basement behind the stairs. You need to have completed: Ritual of the Mahjarrat, have killed the Queen Black Dragon, and have killed the King Black Dragon. Each of these will award 5 Kudos each for a total of 15.

There is a total of 198 Kudos, but you only need 50 to clear the Easy Task and 153 to clear the Hard Task. If you are unsure of how many Kudos you currently have, your total will be shown in the upper right corner of the Runescape window so long as you are inside the museum. However, you will need to close your xp counter to view the total because when it is open, it covers the number. If you have every Kudos, it will be green.

To officially clear the Task, you need to talk to Haig Halen for the Easy Task and Orlando Smith for the Hard Task.

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Cadge Lewool
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Cadge Lewool

History of Kudos:

In the update that occured on the 29th of May in 2007, the entire of Varrock was transformed into what it looks like today. Before the update, the museum was pretty boring and only had two floors. With this update, two new floors were added and you see what we have today.

In the update that occured on the 3rd of May in 2011, getting all Kudos was made a requirement of getting the Completionist Cape.

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Cadge Lewool
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Cadge Lewool

Kudos Earned Through Quests:

You can get 100 Kudos from doing various Quests. Currently, seventeen quests and one miniquest give Kudos. To actually receive the Kudos, you need to talk to Historian Minas on the first floor (Mr. Mordaut for RotM) and you will tell him briefly of your escapades. Here is a complete listing of the Quests and miniquest required to get all 95 Kudos. Quests related to one another are grouped together.

Hazeel Cult (5)
Ritual of the Majarrat (5)

Shield of Arrav (5)
Demon Slayer (5)
What Lies Below* (5) 35 Runecrafting, 42 Mining (suggested)
Temple of Ikov (5) 42 Thieving and 40 Ranged
Defender of Varrock (5) 51 Agility, 51 Hunter, 54 Smithing, 59 Mining

Priest in Peril (5)
Making History (5)
Meeting History (5)
The Dig Site (5. It also unlocks the ability to get 50 more) 25 Thieving, 10 Agility, 10 Herblore
Ghostly Robes Miniquest** (10 Kudos) 10 Slayer, 50 Firemaking, 50 Magic, 53 Thieving.

Observatory Quest (5) 10 Crafting

Merlin's Crystal (5) 20 Attack

The Grand Tree (5) 25 Agility

A Tail of Two Cats (5)

In Aid of the Myreque (5) 15 Mining, 25 Crafting, 7 Magic

Glorious Memories*** (10) 41 Hunter, 43 Herblore, 50 Agility, 57 Magic

* You need to have the Dagon'hai book that you found during the quest in your inventory to get these Kudos. If you have gotten rid of it, you can get another from the Varrock Library or a bookshelf in your P.O.H.

**You need to have started Desert Treasure to get to this miniquest. You need the Ring of Visibility which you get during the quest.

*** If you have the fake tablet, then you will only get 5 Kudos. Be sure to get the real tablet by giving the unfinished astral rune you received from Nial Swiftfling at the end of the quest to Baba Yaga. If you've already given the fake tablet, then you can still get the other 5 Kudos by giving him the real one. If you lost your unfinished Astral Rune then you can get another one from Brunt in Rellekka's long house, provided you've finished the Quest.

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Cadge Lewool
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Cadge Lewool

Kudos Earned Through Cleaning Rocks:

After you have completed the Dig Site Quest, you are able to clean rocks within the museum in the roped off section on the ground floor. In order to start cleaning, you are required to be wearing Leather Gloves and Leather Boots. You also need a rock pick, a trowel (not the gardening one), and a specimen brush. You'll have the items if you've completed the Dig Site, but if you have since thrown them out, you can get some off a tool rack in the room.

Basically, you need to grab a rock and clean it on a specimen table. You will get a bunch of junk items for the most part, but there are five artifacts that gain you the Kudos. Each of the artifacts give 10 Kudos, totaling 50 Kudos. Be aware that you can get the same artifact twice, but it won't give you extra Kudos. Show the items to an archaeologist and he'll tell you what to do with it (it's usually to put it in a display case just outside the roped off area). The items you are looking for are as follows:

Pottery (and be sure to put it in case 22 ;)), Old Symbol, Ancient Symbol, Ancient Coin, and Old Coin.

A note on the pottery - There is already pottery in case 22 when you first get there, but you need to add the second type to it. When there is both a Zarosian and Saradomin bowl inside case 22, then you have gotten the kudos for that case. The Zarosian one has a purple symbol on it, if you're not sure. The case description will also mention the Zarosian one should you have added it. (Thanks to Balidar for pointing that out)

While cleaning, you may also get the item, Clean Necklace. Showing this to a archaeologist will give you the ability to make Digsite pendants by enchanting a Ruby Necklace. This is required for the 'Return to Senntisten' Task. This would be a good time to get this Task out of the way too!

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Cadge Lewool
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Cadge Lewool

Kudos Earned Through Quizzes:

In the basement, there are display cases with animals in their various habitats. What you need to do is to talk to Orlando and he'll let you start taking quizzes on the animals. Each of the fourteen Quizzes give 2 Kudos, giving a total of 28 Kudos. To take a Quiz, study the plaque that's in front of each animal. You will be asked to answer three questions correctly. If you need help finding the answers to the Quizzes, the Historians nearby will tell you all you need to know about the animals. Here is a list of the animals:

North - Wyvern, Lizard, Dragon, and Battle Tortoise

West - Mole, Penguin, Camel, and Leech

South - Terrorbird and Kalphite Queen

East - Sea Slugs, Snail, Snake, and Monkey

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Cadge Lewool

The final way to get Kudos is by completing the Statue of Dahmaroc once. To complete the statue, you need to find Strange Rocks. Strange Rocks are received randomly when skilling. There are fifteen skills which give rocks, and each skill requires you to get a pair of rocks. You can only add to the statue once you have a matching pair. The fifteen skills that give Strange Rocks are as follows:
Agility - Get by completing an Agility course.
Construction - Build things. I suggest limestone fireplaces since they won't break the bank.
Cooking - Cook fish. Having Cooking Gauntlets from Family Crest will help you burn less.
Crafting - There are various means. Making jewellery from gold bars is suggested.
Farming - Basically, anything that gives you Farming xp will give you a chance to get this rock. Personally, I get mine from picking fruit.
Fishing - I highly recommend Monkfish; I usually get both rocks in one inventory. If you can't fish for Monkfish, Lobsters are your next best bet.
Fletching - Make some unstrung bows.
Firemaking - As long as it isn't barbarian firemaking, then you should have no trouble.
Herblore - I suggest cleaning herbs. You can get herbs two at a time from the Sorceress Garden Activity. If you Manage Your Kingdom, you can get quite a few grimy herbs from there.
Hunter - I suggest Falconry with this one.
Mining - Mine rune essence for this one. Having the pouches with you gives you more room and chance to get them.
Runecrafting - I'd suggest ZMI, but anywhere will work. It just so happens ZMI gives double xp, so it's worth your time.
Smithing - If you happen to have a Ring of Forging (enchant a ruby ring), then smelting Iron ore is the answer.
Thieving - Pickpocket an npc that won't hurt you too much or is easy for you to pick. You can even get rocks for failing.
Woodcutting - Chop ivy for this one. It doesn't fill up your inventory with anything so banking isn't a problem. Otherwise chop a low level tree that's quick and easy.

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Cadge Lewool
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Cadge Lewool

Here's some other helpful Threads for other Tasks.

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