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09-Jul-2013 08:03:43  Last edited on 10-Jul-2013 06:25:24 by Loneytoni79
Please add to kos:

fk nlggas yo - spamming, offensive language/racist remarks, and inappropriate name.
angelz faith - manipping, 2nd time offense
09-Jul-2013 21:26:38
something needs to be done about this, i keeped getting kicked and have been told im kos yet i have done absolutely nothing to deserve it
10-Jul-2013 06:26:00  Last edited on 11-Jul-2013 03:47:29 by Loneytoni79
please add to kos, all vivid demise spammers:
soviet sora

These spammers all appear to be the same person but not sure if vivid demise or not, add to kos:
yuk**km3j4bd; the ** is lc
5t0pk1kn m3
4p5m y0 fc
l0f0k r qurk
pa ndead
dr4k3 n w4yn3
kiwa 911

keep as warning but don't put on kos yet:
z o r i a k - manipping (1st time offense), light spamming, making derogatory remarks towards a rank
pr0pulsive - manipping (1st time offense)
pvm gameos - fake conflict (1st time offense)
10-Jul-2013 14:32:13
id really love some type of acknowlegdement towards my claim to being wrongfully marked as kos
10-Jul-2013 21:05:15
please, someone respond.
Dec 2013
10-Jul-2013 23:51:23
Zerog you're mentioned on a previous page.
11-Jul-2013 00:13:10
i see that, im saying its a mistake, known manip says he heard it from pa nda, ive talked to pa nda and he says he wasnt the one who added me to it, but he doesnt know who did, he suggested a few names and i talked to them as well, none of them have even seen my name before, i dont know who made me kos, i dont know how it happened, but i do know i havent done anything to be put on that list.
Dec 2013
11-Jul-2013 13:32:00
well if no one is claiming responsibility for you being on it, I guess you're cleared.
11-Jul-2013 15:26:20
List of KOS with their new names:

Imerch133 = ladyofthewol
Zecowbuthole = E Elk
Zombiemonkey = Boost ftw
Zeus Divine = Zeus maxed
Vivid demise = Soviet Sosa
Tetsu Boss = Caramel Egg
As m = o Andre
divine Katie = NBD Formosus
i burped = Daniel Varze
Apr 2011
12-Jul-2013 06:43:10

Sh0tguns - Continued Spamming and complaining about no pcer when told repeatedly.
Quick find code: 90-91-714-64929907