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.::»|«::. -•°´¯`°•-,¸¸,-» .. Welcome to the first Thread for the clan Merch Zone .. «-,¸¸,-•°´¯`°•- .::»|«::.
This Clan is host for discussion about everything merching, flipping, investing and hoarding. The main goal of this clan is to help people with their flipping and discuss flipping margins on various items.
~Clan info~
The clan is both for F2p and P2p members.
Clan Chat: Merch Zone
Homeworld: World 56
Timezones: Australian Eastern Standard Time - AEST (UTC + 10 hours)
~Clan Events~
We will start having events once a week, trying to include as many members as we can.
F2P Events May include:
-Clan Wars
-Tag/Hide and Seek

P2P Events May Include:
-Clan Wars
-Tag/Hide and Seek
-Castle Wars
-Stealing Creation
-Penguin Hunting
-Player vs Monster (wouldnt let me use the abreviation >.> )
-House Parties
-70 Members (21st September 2011)
-80 Members (10th October 2011)
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-•°´¯`°•-,¸¸,-» Table of Contents «-,¸¸,-•°´¯`°•-
-Page One-
1.1 - Introduction
1.2 - Contents
1.3 - Rules
1.4 - Ranking
1.5 - Members List
1.6 - Application Form
1.7 - Mini Flipping Guide
1.8 - What to flip with your cash
1.9 - GE Buy Limits
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-•°´¯`°•-,¸¸,-» Clan Rules «-,¸¸,-•°´¯`°•-
1. All jagex rules apply, both on the forums and in-game. Any breaking of such rules will be breaking a clan rule, consequences vary, depending on which rule is broken.
2. Please be mindful of people who are new to flipping, their questions may be annoying, but you were in their boat when you first started.
3. The Chat is a drama free zone. If you have problems with other players, please don’t direct them to the clan chat and cause arguing, just simply leave the clan chat till you have calmed down.
4. No asking for ranks, if you think you deserve a rank because you have done the clan a good service, then it will have been duely noted by the generals or officers. We take notice of all actions, good or bad, and in no time you will have a shiny new rank next to your name.
5.Respect other players, treat others as you would expect them to treat you.
6. Please keep a minimum of 15 minutes between bumps, otherwise it is considered spamming.
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-•°´¯`°•-,¸¸,-» Clan Ranking «-,¸¸,-•°´¯`°•-
Ranks are achieved much like you would recieve a promotion at your workplace. I will rank anyone I feel to be a extra helpful and active in the clan chat. I would appreciate it if you do not request to be ranked, but inquire about how you are progressing.
You may earn a rank in the following ways:
1. Attending Events
2. Being active and respectful in the clan chat
3. Helping newcomers and providing accurate information.
4. Recruiting new members
5. Bumping the thread
6. Placing the clan Vexillum
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-•°´¯`°•-,¸¸,-» Members List «-,¸¸,-•°´¯`°•-
-Str J00nior
-Str S33nior
Founders of the Clan:
- Lightful (SINCE LEFT)
- P0p the C0rn
- Call me Bud
- 6Itz Justin9
- A11 Amer1can
- Adios82
- Aleta
- Amereihn
- Archdude
- BadAssSeal
- BigmacBiggie
- Blawdd
- Bob9514
- Darkuda
- DR Spankthat
- Evil134 3000
- FauxCaptain
- Fury Nips
- Gladness
- Half Skilled
- Henry123666
- IRP-Cronic
- IYIc
- I Merch Lv3
- Joey111456 (Captain)
- Jrs1000 (Leader) AKA Str J00nior
- Kegan155
- Kokgozer
- Krook113
- Maze132435
- Mcriddles
- MerryJayne73
- Mistrzlukas
- MyCatIsWet
- MythicMuspah
- P0p The C0rn (Founder)
- Pan1c Pr0of
- Ph1n1x2
- Pitbull2192
- Ranno T
- Ray The Troy
- Rythmatical
- Roblaurel
- Runedragon44
- SecHero MD
- Shouryuu II
- SkiII KiIIer
- SooTheySay
- Str J00nior (Jrs1000)
- Str S33nior (noob - also admin)
- SuperSmelty
- The PrestLge (admin)
- Terminox D
- Tha One479
- Ujust Gotk0
- Upmost Skill
- Vengeance ZS
- Vly8ChOkknts
- x0x0x0123
- Zeldafreak79
- All Lubed Up
- Av a t ar
- Choc Tities
- emopenguin91
- itztormented
- naymat51
- skyliepoo
- turbster101
- x chiddy
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-•°´¯`°•-,¸¸,-» Application Form «-,¸¸,-•°´¯`°•-
Before you are accepted into the clan you must first ill out the following questions and post your response on the forum :)
1. Have you had any prior experience with flipping? Explain.
2. What is the amount of cash you currently have to flip with?
3. What is your highest level/combat level/total level?
4. Are you prepared to participate in the weekly clan activities?
5. What timezone are you in?
6. Who told you about the clan?
Remember to check back on this forum to see if you have been accepted into the clan. It is up to you to check, i am not going to chase you, however i will post on the forum notifying you if you have been accepted or not.
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-•°´¯`°•-,¸¸,-» Mini Flipping Guide «-,¸¸,-•°´¯`°•-
What is "Flipping"? Well, Flipping is buying any item or items in the GE for a "low" price, then reselling for a higher price.
This is probably the most fast and effective way of making money there is on Runescape, with the amount you make depending on the amount of money you have available to "Flip" with.
-•°´¯`°•-,¸¸,-» How to Flip «-,¸¸,-•°´¯`°•-
If you are flipping single items such as Sara/Zammy/Guthix sets or Barrows, Godswords, claws etc. First try buying at a price a small percentage under the Guide price, maybe a few hundred K. If you dont have any luck buying it at that price within half an hour to an hour increase the offer. On the other hand if it buys instantly at that price with a large amount of cash back you may want to resell for the price you bought as the item is most likely "crashing". This means you will probably not be able to make much profit out of it.
To make the most money out of something it should always take time to buy and then time to sell, dont expect to make cash off something that buys instantly.
Once you have bought your item(s) dont get too greedy and try to sell for a price much higher then you bought it for. A 200-500k flip with a 10-20m bank is a good flip ;)
Another tip is, never try to buy items for a rounded figure. For example, if you think 2.5m would be a good price to buy a zamorak set for, always increase your offer to something like 2,512,555 GP, to beat the people buying at 2,500,000 neat. The extra 12k or so will save you alot of time, and make you alot more money then the 12k you spent in the long run.
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-•°´¯`°•-,¸¸,-» How to Flip Continued «-,¸¸,-•°´¯`°•-
Using seperate GE tabs is also another way to speed up flipping. If you put an offer in to buy 2 claws in the same tab, after the first pair buys the next time somebody sells a pair it will check everyones else offers before yours, because you have just been sold a pair in that tab. If you have an offer in another tab, then you are effectivley the next buyer in the line, and will get sold the next pair some body sells.
Merching Ores/bars/logs is also an effective way to flip. Although i have never personally tried this method, it can work just as well.
To start flipping first test buy an item, say a gold ore for 1k. Note the instant buy price and then sell it for 1 gp and note the instant sell price.
Once you have these two prices, put offers to buy ores in 1-2GP above the instant sell price and then once you have bought all you can sell them for 1-2GP bellow the instant buy price. You can also re-check thse prices while you are buying to make sure they havent changed.
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-•°´¯`°•-,¸¸,-» What to Flip with the cash you have «-,¸¸,-•°´¯`°•-
What you can flip successfully depends on the amount of cash you have available to work with. The following items are a guide to what you should flip with the amount of cash you have:
To flip with success i would first recommend getting a 20m cash stack to begin with, although you can start with a lower amount which will result in smaller profits.
-Armour parts
-Addy (g), Black (g), Wiz (g), Guthix, Zammy, Sara Sets/Parts
-Barrows Items/Sets
-Dragon bones
-Bgs/SS/Whips/ZGS/Mage book/Master Wand

-Wiz (g), Black (g), D'hide (g) Sara/Guthix/Zammy Armours
-Barrows, Whip, Sara Sword, BGS/ZGS, Robins, Mage book, Master Wand.
-Claws, Fury, Ranger Boots, AGS.
-Wiz (g), Black (g), D'hide (g) Sara/Guthix/Zammy Armours
-Barrows, Whip, Sara Sword, BGS/ZGS, Robins, Mage book, Master Wand.
-Claws, Fury, Ranger Boots.
-AGS, 3rd Age.
-Spirit Shields
-All small rares (Santa, H'weens, Easter, Pumpkins).
-Barrows, Whip, Sara Sword, BGS/ZGS, Robins, Mage book, Master Wand.
-Claws, Fury, Ranger Boots.
-AGS, 3rd Age.
-Spirit Shields
This is all i can comment on, as it is all the Cash i have. I probably have missed items, so if you have any suggestions let me know :)
When i flipped my way from 20-70m i did it all in F2p, last year doing zammy and sara sets. It was alot harder then because of the GE limits, where you could only buy 2 sets per 4 hours. You can still only buy 2 sets per 4 hours, but if you re sell them, you can buy another 2. Making for great flipping ;).
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The following amounts of items can be purchased through the GE every 4 hours:

Runes - 25,000
Logs - 25,000
Ores - 25,000
Bars - 10,000
Spirit Shards - 10,000
Food - 10,000
Herbs - 10,000
Potions - 10,000
Bones - 10,000
Feathers - 10,000
Soft clay - 10,000
Cowhide - 10,000
Arrows - 10,000
Vials - 10,000
Gems - 5,000
Bows - 5,000
Jewellery - 1000
Battle Staffs - 100
Seeds - 100
Most weapons - 100
Most armour - 100
Flatpacks - 100
Barrows - 10
God Wars Armour - 10
Rares and TT items - 2
Quick find code: 93-94-76-62664826