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29-Mar-2013 15:00:03
i did get hacked, but i logged back in wondered why i was at a ceratain place realized i had been hacked and immediately changed my pass. did not lose a single gold coin, thank guthix.:P
03-Apr-2013 23:08:37
Has anyone been hacked by the 'i fr baked' giveaway? I didn't realize it was a scam and followed it all. But I realized it was a fake site because it kept erroring out when I tried to click things. I just changed my ********, updated my security questions and ran a virus scan. Here's to hoping I log on later and nothing is stolen. I wish there were a better way to report these Youtube videos...
26-Apr-2013 01:03:31
I'm seeing the same video being advertised right now. It's a fake website, as you can tell by the icon that shows up in the tab at the top of Mozilla/other browsers (not the RS logo). They take your information when you try to log in.
Mar 2012
29-Apr-2013 19:07:12
I got hacked about an hour ago. Some guy had posted that he was selling something. so when i PM him that i wanted to buy it he says to please join his give away. So I did.

Sure enough. 15 min later. everything that is worth over 50k in my bank is gone :(

anyone know what if i can do anything about this? they didnt take just the money. all armor. amulets. ranged gear. mage gear. runes. arrows... everything. Is there nothing i can do to get my stuff back?
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30-Apr-2013 08:53:40
I just about got sucked into this too on a youtube redirect that showed short url appearing like forums url does too BUT
http://***.youtube.***/redirect?q=http%3A%2F%2Fservices.runescape.***.omusas***(THIS IS THE PHISHING SITE URL THAT I AM EDITING SO IT WON'T WORK HERE - JUST FOR COMPARISON PURPOSES )%2Fm%3Dforum%2Fforums***%3F14%2C15%2C654%2C63669909&session_token=OAMWq5F7RjpuAnetBqwbX5tFqCd8MTM2NzMxODUxMkAxMzY3MzA0MTEy

that took me to a phishing page that is very good facsimile of these forums...

so I kept logged into game and set up Jagex account guardian and set just my comp
with access- have to stay signed in for an hour till that setting kicks in with challenge questions

changed my ******** while logged in -
Dec 2010
30-Apr-2013 08:55:07  Last edited on 30-Apr-2013 09:03:35 by BurningMan
[I Fr Baked] Runescape ~140B giveaway [I Fr Baked]

let's report this site and have it taken down before anyone else gets scammed
Dec 2010
30-Apr-2013 10:27:29
13-May-2013 22:17:47  Last edited on 13-May-2013 22:28:06 by Nacho Babe
Earlier today I got a message from Morp Unitasking if I wanted 2m, I asked what the catch was and they said Simply just like and comment something nice on this video
They then gave me the link to a video for a 40B giveaway. I commented and rated it and said I was done, then he INSISTED that I click the link in the description and read the forum post and leave my username and why I deserve it. I told him I wasn't sure about it and I asked what the thread name was and he told me to just click the link. I said I wasn't trusting of that and he began to beg me to click on it. I looked up giveaway scams and the first thing I see is this thread and more complaining about this kind of person trying to steal accounts. In the video I saw the persons username was Valchesone. I didn't click on the link, however I messaged him telling him I saw this and that I wasn't falling for his tricks and he immediately turned his chat off.

I reported him. If someone could please do something about Morp Unit and Valchesone I would appreciate it a lot. This happened on world 2.
03-Dec-2013 18:16:53
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04-Dec-2013 04:38:51  Last edited on 04-Dec-2013 04:42:21 by Sseuss
Hiya, we appreciate you wanting to alert players to these scams.
However, having names and vid channels posted throughout the thread is NOT helping. You are in a sense advertising the channels and a curious player may search for them and follow harmful links.

You can send a link to the inappropriate sites via reportphishing@jagex. c o m

Its best for players to protect themselves, with good internet security and habits.
Don't go to sites recommended by strangers, and always keep up to date anti virus software.

Hiding posts naming or directing to sites.

Also there is no need to bump up a very old thread.
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