The Bot Killing Guide V2

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20-May-2011 16:03:39
Hah, had to log in just to say this. You remember me? Yeah, you scammed me for 8m in a "trust game". It is ironic that you should be making a thread about this when you are one of biggest idiots. Hungry for some pixels?
Learn to play in an honest, respectful way;)
20-May-2011 17:45:56  Last edited on 20-May-2011 17:46:57 by Iguanas
I've never heard of you before, but I'm sorry to hear you got scammed. Maybe it was Iguanas with a "q" instead of a g, or an "L" at the start of the name?
In any case, take a look at this thread.. It should help you avoid falling victim to any more scams.
"How NOT to Be Scammed Guide"
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21-May-2011 10:43:39
bandits worked for me :O
21-May-2011 13:43:34
Just worked for me as well, got an 850k loot. :)
Dec 2013
21-May-2011 23:58:00
aww I can't kill bandit bots :(
22-May-2011 00:12:50
22-May-2011 02:45:22
nice guide mate
22-May-2011 03:05:53
22-May-2011 03:14:43
Actually, no. I have really good memory. I went into your cc shortly after being scammed and apparently, you were helped by a friend who was standing next to me, who also logged out.
22-May-2011 03:19:59
You must have the wrong person.. I only took this name 2 weeks ago, my previous name was "Godless".
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