Best EOC melee training guide!

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Aug 2011
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So have you always *anted to be the big 200 and use duel rapiers/drygores but can not get there? Well have no fear, wds is here!

Straight to the guide!

1-20 attack/strength/defense

Here you will want to use the sword jagex give you at the very beginning and head to burthorps nice little cave to the north of the bank, once inside head straight north and you will get to troll chuckers, kill these untill 1-20 in all melee skills!


Now.. your probably very very bored now, so you may want a new monster to kill? Well sadly, there is nothing better than troll chuckers, so stay here untill 30!


Very bored now? same :(
Well stay here untill 50 melee stats and we *hall try and find somewhere else!

After quitting rs for a week, i returned as i found a new spot! But returned to troll chuckers as it was much better, stay here untill 80 all!

The final stretch! As there still is nothing better to kill in the eoc, troll c****ers will guide you all the way!

Gear: Keanblade is all you need

Suggestions from posters:

Waterfiends and dust devils! Thanks Mjsizzle

Thank you for reading, hope i helped loads of people!

04-Mar-2013 02:54:08
Good guide. I threw some waterfiends and dus* devils in there to mix it up though.
Aug 2011
07-Apr-2013 16:21:19
Thank you, i shall add those to the suggestions section!
30-Apr-2013 01:51:36
Are you sure this is the best? I got 70 str and def, as well as 71 att. Dont you think red spiders or fire giants are better at 70? I haven't tried troll chuckers yet but they sound like flesh crawlers w**i yield 65 xp each and are a one hit as well. Thanks for the time. :)
05-Jun-2013 20:44:13
I have now in fact tried out troll chuckers on my main and my other acc. I find it yields about 36k melee xp per hour at maximum speed, which is good for my non main at 20 stats. As for my main with 70+ stats flesh crawlers yield double the xp hour (I'd suggest you start at 40 at and str. On them) I found they are also one hit kills so 65 xp > 30 xp per 2 seconds. Once you reach 70 atk, def, and str, I advice deadly red spiders as they give 419 xp each and with a rune 2h I can 3-5 hit them without cool down abilities. With cool downs it is about 1-2 hits. So basically 10 seconds to 12 seconds per kill (just a guess) therefore yielding 2514 xp or 2095 xp respectively per minute. If u multiply that by 60 u get 150k+ xp or 120k + xp (also respectivly.) I hope this helps and the guide is pretty good until u get 40 stats then u should change into flesh crawlers and deadly reds. I forgot to mention that flesh crawlers are 70k + xp per hour as there xp is double that of troll chookers. Have a good day and try for reading :D
06-Jun-2013 02:16:12
I said it'd take 2 seconds to kill chuckers and crawlers it'd actually take 3 seconds. If it was 2 seconds the xp would be insane.
Aug 2011
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If you can not yet tell. this is a troll guide.

Zammy - Have you got issues?
11-Jul-2013 14:56:24
Wow I'm a mother ******* dumb ass. *sighs* I still must give u credit troll chuckers are pretty good. XD
May 2014
15-Oct-2013 13:45:10
wow trolled me hard :@
Nov 2013
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