Rogie's Bot Killing Guide!

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22-May-2011 00:56:16
Hehe, great guides, and hopefully more to come, botters will not know what hit them :D
22-May-2011 15:36:27
Profiled. Good guide, Rogiee.
22-May-2011 16:01:25
np for aviansie method
May 2007
23-May-2011 15:48:14
Mat Dragonx Posted:
np for aviansie method
Added your credit in, sorry I forgot. :P
23-May-2011 18:24:23  Last edited on 23-May-2011 18:24:40 by Ixfd64
You may wish the amend the TzHaar section as items kept on death are now determined by the GE price, rather than alchemy value.
24-May-2011 21:14:18
27-May-2011 17:01:13
Awesome guide. =]
29-May-2011 00:31:01
I cannot get the avansies trick to work. Everytime I drop them, the bots just run right past them.
It only worked once and that person's bot ran him into a corner and he is stuck there now
29-May-2011 00:55:14  Last edited on 29-May-2011 01:08:39 by Techno Pulse
I wonder how you came up with these methods, never heard of them before. Very unique.
29-May-2011 10:29:39
Nice guide!!! :D:D:D
I hate bots and have been wondering ways to fight them...
This guide has everything and now, when i have seen this, i might actually start to hunt bots for money :)
Especially the toad method sounded interesting :D
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