Fight Caves EOC Guide

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Oct 2008
16-Feb-2013 03:26:54
Auto-retaliate and pray Range.

It's not always Range, but his first attack is much, much more likely to be Range than Mage.

And even if it is Mage, if you're wearing Ganodermic or other decent Mage tank gear, it will usually splash on you anyways.
16-Feb-2013 09:50:51
Thanks for the tip. I don't know about the splashing, though. Last time I was wearing Ganodermic, Jad's first hits were magic and neither of them splashed.
Jan 2005
22-Feb-2013 23:16:37
- :)
23-Feb-2013 06:02:51
Used full ganodermic with ahrim's staff, and a full rune melee switch for rangers, made it to wave 35 before I noticed that I was doing the rejuvenate tactic wrong, so I left to get more food and such, I'm probably not going to try again till tomorrow, but I'm going to go with torag armor for melee switch, rune just doesn't cut it when the ranger is being healed :x
Oct 2008
24-Feb-2013 15:47:02
The healing rate is much higher than pre-EOC, so the healers should be prioritized during the waves. Good luck on your next attempt:D
07-Mar-2013 10:35:53
Hi Jon,

I'm about to have my fisrt go post-EOC because I got Tzhaar slayer challenge.
I was wondering if I should use Water Surge or Ice Barrage.

Also, I'm not gonna bring a shield and use the new ability instead of Rejuvenate (New ability is Guthix's blessing, heals 8% of your HP every 2 seconds for a maximum of 10 seconds)
If I'm not bringing a shield, should I bring Chaotic rapier or bandos godsword for my melee weapon ?

thanks for the answers ;)
Jan 2005
08-Mar-2013 18:28:58
Free bump :).
Oct 2008
10-Mar-2013 18:28:40
I would get a chaotic maul if possible; if not, then go with a Bandos Godsword. The DPS of two-handed weapons far exceeds that of 1-handed or dual-wield weapons.

And yes, with the new ability, you have no need of a shield, so feel free to substitute it.
10-Mar-2013 19:14:50
I've gotten to Jad twice now, and I can't get the healers off of him. I'm trying to safe spot by the SW pillar-wall, and I'm using ice barrage in full gano with 99 mage. Anything else I can do?
Feb 2015
12-Mar-2013 11:49:27  Last edited on 12-Mar-2013 11:51:09 by Trash Teemo
I can't believe I finally beat Jad thanks to this guide :D

I was wearing Ahrim's Staff, Subjugation top/bottom, fury, Rfd 10 gloves, bandos boots.
My inventory had more than enough runes to cast Bloodfire and Ice spells, 2 Prayer Renewals, 2 Super Magic, 4 Super Restore, Abyssal Whip and Dragonfire Shield. The rest was filled with sharks.

My strategy was basically to conserve food using Bloodfire to heal. Honestly, it's bordeline op in the caves, didn't eat a single shark (or use rejuvenation) until jad (where I had to eat 5). Getting the small ones to pile up and use Bloodfire Burst healed about 200-300 hp each time, depending on how many it hit.

I also didn't use my whip or shield once since the rangers was dieing so quickly anyways.

EDIT: My strategy to jad was to get aggro of the healers and then lure them down to the south-west rock. I killed three of them and trapped the last one. I was lucky enough to get jad to spawn north of that rock ^^
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