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Note: Read this for easy & fast Slayer points! Even if you don't use this master, some tasks are given by higherlvled masters. My advice also applies on those tasks. List of tasks given by higher lvls: Aberrant Spectres, Banshees, Basilisks, Bloodvelds, Brine Rats, Dust Devils, Harpie Bug Swarms, Lesser Demons and Turoth.

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=== Introduction: Why using Vannaka? ===

Yeah why using this nooby master? Everyone is so disrespectful to him but he's one of the best. Because he's a medium master, he gives "hard" tasks in a "low" amount.
One simple formula:


Very simple as that. Now this guide is made for best xp to get out of his tasks for both low and high-lvl slayers.

Post 1: Introduction: Why using Vannaka?
Post 2: Who is Vannaka?
Post 3: Slayer Points
Post 4: Regarding Full Slayer Helm, SoF Masks and Contracts

Post 5-38: Slayer Tasks

Post 5: Aberrant Spectres
Post 6: Ankous
Post 7: Banshees
Post 8: Basilisks
Post 9: Bloodvelds
Post 10: Brine Rats
Post 11: Cockatrices
Post 12: Crocodiles
Post 13: Cyclopses
Post 14: Dust Devils
Post 15: Earth Warriors
Post 16: Ghouls
Post 17: Green Dragons
Post 18: Harpie Bug Swarms
Post 19: Hill Giants
Post 20: Ice Giants
Post 21: Ice Warriors
Post 22: Infernal Mages
Post 23: Jellies
Post 24: Jungle Horrors
Post 25: Killerwatts
Post 26: Lesser Demons
Post 27: Mogres
Post 28: Mol**is**
Post 29: Moss Giants
Post 30: Ogres
Post 31: Otherwordly Beings
Post 32: Pyrefiends
Post 33: Sea Snakes
Post 34: Shades
Post 35: Shadow Warriors
Post 36: Turoth
Post 37: Vampyres
Post 38: Werewolves

Post 39: The End
Post 40: Reserved
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=== Who is Vannaka? ===

Vannaka is the student of Duradel. Vannaka is in the Edgeville Dungeon near the Wilderness Gate. He's accesable at 60 Combat and no Slayer required.
Easiest way to reach is either Edgeville teleport of Amulet of Glory or Hometeleport/Edgeville Teleport of Ancient Magics. You can also use the lodestone network and go southeast.
Or with a brass key from the ladder southwest of GE.
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=== Slayer Points ===

Vannaka offers 4 points per task, 20 points per 10th task and 60 points per 50th task (after Smoking Kills).

That interesting ability makes him perfect for getting fast slayer points. Per 9 tasks you get 36 points.

The total points per 50 tasks:
when using Chaeldar is 530,
when using Sumona is 600,
when using Duradel is 705
and when using Kuradal is 810.

The chance you need to cancel tasks is less greater by using Vannaka than using other masters making it faster, efficient and less frustating. The points you earn from him you can use to possibily cancel Killerwatts or other annoying tasks.

Vannaka's challenge is collecting from all dragonhide dragons their perfect scales. It is dropped by both adults as babies. After the challenge you get 14 points, 4k xp and a completed task.

For minimizing teleporting it is advised to go to the Chaos Tunnels and kill a Green Dragon and a Baby Black Dragon, than go Red Dragon Isle and than tele to either Ogre Enclave or Taverley Dungeon.

A less dangerous solution is to go Brimhaven Dungeon and kill the (Baby) Red Dragon there.

With the 4 scales return to Vannaka and claim your reward.
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=== Regarding Full Slayer Helm, SoF Masks and Contracts ===

First of all, the Full Slayer Helm. Due the EoC, this helm is lowered to tier-1 hybrid. It makes that it has utterly bad stats defence and life points-wise. Overall, the bonus isn't that great compared to before. While I mention in the guide it is advised, you should read it as optional. Lower levels should focus on their defence, higher levels can choose if they wear regular helms or this helm. Regarding Slayer Points, I would advise focusing on Slayer Rings rather than this helm.

Second of all, SoF masks and helms. These masks are the better than the Full Slayer Helm, and their abilities make them more advised than any other helm. Some effects:
- Counts how many monsters you killed while wearing the mask. Once reached a certain kill count, the mask turns into a helm and loses some abilities. You can switch back to mask but it will only be cosmetical.
- Once per day per mask they guarantee a Slayer task to be assigned of the monster who's mask you wear.
- Two times a day, you can freely teleport to all locations of the monster.
- It gives a damage boost identical to the Full Slayer Helm while on task (loses this ability once reached kill count).
- It grants bonus xp equal to the monster's required Slayer level. For instant, gargoyle masks grants +75xp (as gargoyles require 75 Slayer) (loses this ability once reached kill count).
- It grants double drops once every 10 kills, and increases the drop rate of trophy drops like heads (loses this ability once reached kill count).
- Some masks/helms act like certain Slayer items. For instant, basilisk mask counts as mirror shield as well dust mask.

Third of all, contracts. Contracts grant extra xp and it is advised to take it. Slayer Tower has priority over all other spots.
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=== Aberrant Spectres ===

Combat: 101
Slayer xp: 109.5 (131.2 on special contract) xp
Amount: 110-170
Req: 60 Slayer, Nose Peg/*layer Helm/Full Slayer Helm
Advised: High Ranged lvl, your best ranged gear and a shield. Smoking Kills and Haunted Mine quest.
Where: Slayer Tower (aggressive) and Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon (unaggressive)
Attack: Magic
Max Hit: 208
Weakness: Thrown (Tower), Arrow (Pollnivneach) and Salve Amulet (e)

Aberrant Spectres stink, without Nose Peg/Slayer Helm/Full Slayer Helm you get lowered stats (up to 1) and increased fast damage.

It is advised to go to the Slayer Tower and take a special Slayer Contract. This gives increased xp as well as extra combat xp tome. The lodestone of Canifis is the fastest way to bank. The second best spot is Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon where they are near unaggressive. The nearest bank is a carpet ride away, Nardah.

It is advised to wear Karil+, along with a shield to use Rejuvenate. Best is to use Karil's crossbow with bolt rack, Hand cannan, sagaies, Armadyl crossbow with broad bolts, blisterwood stakes, dragon darts or darkbow. Protection prayers, although nerfed, can still be usefull for the low defence ones. Using melee is not advised, unless with high equipment (70+) and Salve (e) amulet.

They give Dark Mystic Robe Bottoms rarely, uncommonly Rune Full Helms, lots of herbs and seeds. They are very good money make.
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=== Ankous ===

Combat: 86, 88, 90
Slayer xp: 34xp
Amount: 60-120
Req: None
Advised: Decent magic equipment. Haunted Mine quest.
Where: Stronghold of Security Sepulchre of Death, Wilderness Volcano (lvl 22), Forinthry Dungeon (lvl 30) and Daemonheim Warped Floors.
Attack: Melee
Max Hit: 172
Weakness: Earth and Salve Amulet (e)

For low players the SoS is the best location. Higher lvl can risk going to the Wilderness Volcano or Forinthry Dungeon. Forinthry Dungeon is inconvenient as it is a PvP area. Advised is going an empty server and staying away from the entrance.
In the south-west of SoS is a safespot for lvl 88. The lvl 90 are not advised due the appearance of other inmates (unless your high enough). The lvl 86 are in a seperate room near the entrance.

Wearing Salve Amulet after Haunted Mine or Salve Amulet (e) after defeating Tarn Razorlor is advised. It gives +15%/+20% attack and strength against the undead. They are weak enough to melee them. You can use earth spells, but with high enough magic lvl fire spells are good to. They are very easy to kill. Use stuns to keep them at bay and limit damage.

The SoS ankous are popular for their drops: bloods, deaths, pure essence and sometimes the Vecna Skull. It drops Left Skull Half for the Skull Sceptre.
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=== Banshees ===

Combat: 54, 130
Slayer xp: 15.5 (18.6 on special contract), 93.8xp
Amount: 110-170
Req: 15/35 Slayer, Mask of Mourning/Full Slayer Helm/(Masked) Earmuffs
Advised: Best ranged gear. Smoking Kills and Haunted Mine quest.
Where: Slayer Tower and Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon (aggressive)
Attack: Magic
Max Hit: 108
Weakness: Bolts (Pollnivneach), Arrows (Tower) and Salve Amulet (e)

Banshees scream and you'll get high damage and lowered stats (up to 1) when not wearing protection. In the Slayer Tower are the low-leveled Banshees, they are easy. Xp and drop-wise, Mighty Banshees are advised. They can be killed in Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon. They hit accurate and hard.

Best weapons are the Armadyl+ crossbow with royal+ shield or Crystal bow+. You should wear your best ranged gear. After they become tolerant the Mighty Banshees can be safespotted. The Nardah bank is near, easy for restocking.

It is a common task and it could get crowdy in Slayer Tower. It's advised to go less crowded worlds or when high enough to Pollnivneach. Banshees drop noted pure essence commonly, herbs and Light/Dark Mystic Gloves rarely.
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=== Basilisks ===

Combat: 110, 138
Slayer xp: 57.7, 1000xp
Amount: 110-170
Req: 40 Slayer and Mirror Shield (25 Defence).
Advised: Good Defence. Smoking Kills quest and Mask of Reflection/Full Slayer Helm/
(Masked) Earmuffs
Where: Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (unaggressive) and Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon (unaggressive)
Attack: Melee, Magic and Melee
Max Hit: 220, 276
Weakness: Air and Bane ammo, Stab.

Basilisks are one of the best Slayer Tasks. Without Mirror Shield they hit high and lower stats (up to 1). After defeating Basilisk Boss once you gain acces the Basilisk room in Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon. You need lots of restore potions (Mirror shield doesn't block all) and Protect From Magic for defeating the boss. There is a portal leading to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. Mask of Reflection is most advised, it substitutes Mirror Shield with various extra benefits.

With good armour, Basilisks rarely hit. You can use a wand with an air spell, or a fire spell when having a high Magic lvl. A staff or orb is possible when wearing the Mask of Reflection. There are enough safespots in Pollnivneach to trap them.

They drop herbs, rune dagger uncommonly, runes, Light Mystic Hat rarely and very rarely Light Mystic Boots. They are very good money.
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=== Bloodvelds ===

Combat: 98 (Tower), 112 (Mutated), 116 (Mutated), 132 (GWD)
Slayer xp: 43.5 (46.2 on special contract), 205.8, 205.8, ?xp
Amount: 110-170
Req: 50 Slayer.
Advised: 50 Runecrafting, 60 Strength, 65 Agility, Full Slayer Helm and good Defence. Legacy of Seergaze and Branches of Darkmeyer quest. Runecrafting Guild tokens for blood tablets.
Where: Slayer Tower, God Wars Dungeon, Meiyerditch Tunnels (Mutated)
Attack: Magic (Tower) and Melee (Mutated)
Max Hit: 176, 450, 450, ?
Weakness: Thrown (Tower) and Fire (Mutated)

Bloodvelds were one of the toughest slayer monsters: hit hard, often and high LP. Now they are just a shade of their former hardness. Wear Ahrim+ and use Wave+ and you will be fine.

Especially for the lower lvls, it is advised to go Slayer Tower. The advanced can go to the GWD. There you can make the spiritual warriors to tank the bloodvelds near the entrance. Northeast, a Bloodveld spawns near aviansies. MAKE SURE YOU HIT MORE THAN HALF HIS LP OR YOU RECEIVE HALF XP!

After LoS, you can kill the Mutated Bloodvelds. It is advised to have 65 Agility for using the shortcut or don't go there. A possible teleport is the Blood altar teletabs of the Runecrafting Guild. A tab cost 45 tokens. Another possibility is to use Drakan's medallion from Branches of Darkmeyer to teleport to Meiyerditch Labratory. You can safespot or stun the bloodvelds.

Bloodvelds are known for their charm drops, (big) bones, rune meds and black boots.
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=== Brine Rats ===

Combat: 70
Slayer xp: 45xp
Amount: 60-120
Req: 47 Slayer, Spade and Olaf's Quest.
Advised: 45+ Cooking, good Defence and Full Slayer Helm.
Where: Brine Rats Cave.
Attack: Melee
Max Hit: 150
Weakness: Fire

The Brine Rats are relatively easiest Slayer monsters: low LP, not very accurate and low Defence. You need to acces the cave of Olaf's Quest (including the spade) again. You cannot get this task when you didn't do the quest. Use good mage gear with wand/staff.

Brine Rats drop noted fish uncommonly: lobsters, swordfish and sharks. They also drop earth and death common. They often killed for the Brine Sabre: their rare Slayer drop. Now and then you get a water talisman.
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